November 17, 2012


Dear Skylar,

I couldn't have asked for a better friend for my girl. You are amazing. I have never personally met a person who gets more excited for the happiness of others. That is a very rare quality and I hope it remains with you forever. You are such a blessing.

Love, Allie

"One plus one equals two you see
But somehow it's different with you and me

When we're together we share one mind
A happier pair you'll never find..."

"...I'm only complete when you are near
To lose you someday is my biggest fear

You know my dreams and my every thought
No stronger bond could ever be sought..."

We have a lot in common it's true
But who'd have thought, who ever knew

More than friends, I can't explain it all
With you by me I feel 10 feet tall

"...As friends we're quite a pair
One soul, one mind is what we share

You make my world a better place
I live each day to see your face

It takes two halves to make a whole
My heart and yours we make one soul"

(parts taken from a poem by Debbie A. Burrous)

Moosh pot

Did you ever play that game as a child where you would be in a circle of kids and some how you ended up in the center and the kids all said "moosh pot moosh pot Allie's in the moosh pot" Well - some strange way this makes me think of that.

Savannah - you are sooooo in the moosh pot.

It's not our fault you are so cute and mooshy.

Aunty and I just love ya.

For keeps

My are an answer to a prayer. The balance our family needed.

You are sweet, and beautiful & loving.

I always wanted a baby that played with their feet. You have been the only one to do it (I think your brothers were too fat! hehe) and I love it beyond sanity.

You are for keeps.

Pushover gone extreme

I believe we have discussed John's pushover tendencies. He would have what one might call "extreme pushover syndrome" 

When the kids ask - they receive. My favorite story is when John watched Lucas and Charlotte when they were 3 and 18 months respectively. I was gone 2 hours and when I came back the kids had a new large toy each. When I questioned this John said "Charlotte pointed at the car and said 'ehh!' what was I supposed to do?!"

In modern times - let's inspect the bedtime routine. Specifically bedtime attire.
Muuuhahahahaaaaaaaa - take it ALL in baby. Army shirt, underwear over the pants (inside as well I found out the next AM) shoes with no socks.....

Willsie you are a vision. A vision from a fashion nightmare. A vision from a roll of bloopers of a magazine spread. A vision of proof that you have your father wrapped around your fat, pudgy, squishy little toddler finger.

You were not pleased I was making you pose. hehe 
I love you right down to your frown face and outside underwear booty.
(P.S. no that is not chocolate milk. that is homemade formula with extra molasses at your request)

November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

As you might know I dig Halloween. And am a sucker for a good theme.

This year I only spent 5 hours scouring the web for family costume inspiration and it proved hard to find a theme that had an easy-to-buy costume for everyone.
I failed in that way (getting the whole family on one theme) but I did succeed overall I think.

Can you stand that face? Geez Savannah - you take things to a whole new level of adorable.

Oh my how I do love this picture......once I had dressed and was picking you up from your crib it was a total out of body experience.....I could so vividly imagine what it was like in that time period. As I was changing your diaper and getting you dressed I imagine the difficulties of raising children back then (cloth diapers, laundry nightmares, everything was major effort, the cold and damp conditions, etc.) and was thankful in a whole new moment for all the conveniences we have.

I could die with happiness when I see this picture. I just love you two babies.

One Grecian Goddess at your service. This makeup and hair was super fun for me. I forgot how much I love doing that kind of stuff. Before I had pressing responsibilities I actually spent TIME doing makeup and hair. My, my it felt loverly. We have your fab father to thank for the precious minutes we spent baby free doing this. We love you Mr. LeBaron!

Originally I wanted to do something fun and different. We were going for monkeys and bananas.
I was INTO it!
And then I searched for costumes and promptly slapped my forehead with an accompanying "doh!" as there was nothing cute, pretty or flattering in that theme. Why had I not foreseen this?! 
This did not stop Luke though.
My son, you made a perfect banana.

My sweet ladies!

Sir William - you are my handsome knight.

                     I WILL slay you!                                                          My knights in shining fake armor :)

My nieces - Dorothy & Masquerade Witch

Our friends Deedee witch & Randall vampire.   And the Pink Gaines Ladies

Luke's buddy Demon Jackson & his ghost busting brother.  Grammy taking Sir William trick or treating.

With a group of 12 kids pounding the doors down we made quite the parade.

Happy Halloween my loves.

One man's snack is another man's punishment

Dearest Oldest Man Child,

Boy is my soap box HIGH and important today. I thought I would record for all time your dislike of alive, nourishing, health-giving sustenance.

This snack (which also included a string cheese) was met with a wide-eyed look of disgust. Upon which I gave you the mother-eye-you-will-do-what-I-want look. Upon which I got distracted (as is common). Upon which you snuck the string cheese and slithered off.

You puzzle me. You defy my understanding. You make me want to shake sense into you. You have made me give you the "starving children in other countries" speech. You made me sink into mother cliche hell. It's all your fault!!!!!

Ok, not really. But if your hair starts falling out or your legs spontantiously shrivel up - don't say I didn't warn you!

Your Loving Mother

PS Who in tarnation gave you permission to get so handsome?!?