April 26, 2010

Read to bed

Things seemed to be taking an interesting turn......

Tonight you read me bedtime stories and I fell asleep...until you looked over and said
"Mom don't fall asleep!! I am reading to you!!" a bit horrified that I had the nerve to fall asleep when something as cool as you reading to me was taking place. Well my love, it is not boring, or unspecial, or unworthy of celebration. It is AMAZING!! So beautiful and very Hallmark-card-ish. I cherished every waking moment of it. It's just that NOTHING can compete with the tiredness of pregnancy. For this I apologize.

At the sound of your chiding voice I pried my eyes open (even though they were catatonically closed....they were willing themselves shut I tell you) and that lasted for about 5 bleary seconds until I started nodding off again and you nudged me "Mo-om! Stay awake!" And again the battle was on with my eyelids. Darn eye lids.

After you finished the first book you ran to the shelf and grabbed this one shouting "Oh I love this one, this is my favorite!"

As you were reading (Dr. Seuss's rhythm is ever so relaxing) I was getting a little sad. Sad because these precious few moments of you reading me Dr. Seuss will probably last another 2 nights before you are asking me to buy you more grown up books. I wanted to shout the lyrics of "Forever Young" at the top of my lungs, as if that would really accomplish my goal. Sigh.

Don't grow up too fast Luke. I love you just the way you are.

Kung Fu fighting

Dear Luke,

You have been officially enrolled in karate now for 2 weeks and you are digging it! Cute things you have done or said since then...

Luke: Mom, I don't want to go to karate today.
Me: Why's that?
Luke: They make us do this thing and my stomach hurts!
Me: Those are stomach crunches honey, they are supposed to hurt.

Upon arriving at the school today you and Jackson were doing push ups outback. As I gathered lunch boxes and sweaters and stuff you were off no where to be found. When you finally came to the car you showed me that you had been making a log of how many push ups you had done. Per this log you had done 136.

When we got home you said:

Luke: MOM!! I think I did a world record!
Me: Really in what??
Luke: In push ups!!


You are to-die-for cute buddy.

April 17, 2010

Aiden James Reinhart

Six weeks ago Aiden was born.

And I was lucky enough to be there when we was born.

And lucky enough to get to see him the next week.

And the next....

And every week after that. Ok so I stalk Aiden, alright?? Got a problem?
He is just a yummy, sweet, very boyish boy and I love him.

Oh and I love his mom...
She is my bestie since the 5th grade.

Hanging with the Ladies

Dear ladies,

You are quite cute and lovely to hang out with. I hope you know how lucky you are to have each other to grow up with. Stay cool.

xo, Mommy/Auntie

PS I love the glasses (compliments of Charlotte's Nana)


While cuddling in bed this morning I decided to conduct an informal interview with Lucas, the cutest 6 year old boy on the planet. Here's what he had to say:

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite place to go? That's if you could go anywhere.

What is your favorite place to go eat?

Who is your best friend?
Oden and Violet 
(Oden is his friend Jackson's baby brother and Violet is his 3 year old cousin)

What is your favorite movie?
Star Wars: A new Hope. Number 3 movie gives me nightmares.

What is your favorite thing you do at school?

What is your favorite time of day, a regular day?
Video game day
(This this doesn't exactly answer the question I thought it was cute. Video game day is Saturday mornings.)

What is your favorite toy?

What is your favorite store in the mall?
The Lego store

April 6, 2010

Double the luck

It's just not everyday that you see a double rainbow. Nope, definitely not. It was amazing, and so cool. I wanted to jump up and click my heels and shout "Luck 'o the Irish" and go search for a pot of gold or something, but I had helacious morning sickness that day and it was raining, and I was running behind to pick up the kids from school, so along with several other people I pulled out my camera, snapped a few shots and called it a day. One of the coolest things I have seen in a long time.
Check out how virbrant the first rainbow is? I have never been able to see more than three colors, red/yellow/orange but in this one you could see blue AND purple. Now we're talking.