August 24, 2010


      So we had a bit of a roller coaster ride tonight with Charlotte. Chores must be done if bedtime stories are to be read. And you my friend worked really hard on yours. Your sister, not so much. As a result her bedtime story did not get read and boy was she unhappy. You stayed in her room with her and tried and tried to get her to do it right away and after a while succeeded and walked her through each task she needed to do.
    But alas, that is not my deal. My deal is chores done the first time it is asked. So I had to stick to my guns (even though I REALLY wanted to just read the darn story). And you couldn't hold it in any longer. Luke, you quietly cried on my bed and when I guessed what was happening, I guessed right. You were sad because Charlotte makes the wrong choices sometimes, and this makes you so sad because you try SO HARD to help her and she still makes the wrong choices. You try so hard to be good and sometimes it seems she doesn't.
    I tried to point out that she is getting so much better and that it isn't up to us to make her choices for her. I also tried to explain that by sticking to my decision I was helping her to learn an important life lesson. But you and I both really wanted to just read her the darn story so she would stop crying.

    Son, I am so privileged to me your mom and to spend my life with you. You are sweet, kind, smart and most of all incredibly compassionate. I may wish huge financial success for you, really high IQ scores, and a rewarding career & family of your own - but ultimately I wish for you to be good. It sounds plain but that is my goal if I had to use only one word. For my kids to be good.
    And you are so very good.

August 20, 2010

Star Child

I love these kids. Charlotte is so lucky to have such great and wacky friends. Three cheers for Charlotte, Randall and Joe!


You didn't hear?? Pippy Long Stocking is back!!! From the homemade arm band, down to the brown and pink striped socks. She is soooo back!

My bro

I love my brother a lot. And I don't get to see him very often. But when I do it's always so much fun. He is freaking hysterical.

Setting up for baby

We have (ok mostly me) been in super duper baby set up mode. I have been vacuuming ceilings, buying furniture, researching cloth diapers, and in general trying to handle any little to-do list item before baby comes. John and the kids are so excited too and have been pitching in like mad.

Here my lovely lady and hubby are assembling Will's changing table. Char loves her some power tools :)
And Luke too. There is something about mini-sized power tools that is just the best. No one is immune to that giddy feeling. I dare you.

Here my peeps are staining a desk for me. Well... for them actually. This is the kids' future computer table.
John is schooling Luke in the ways of the samurai...I mean carpenter. And teaching him how to drill a proper hole.

And once in a while you need a Starbucks break. Thanks daddy for keeping us going!

 Go Char go!!! She love drilling holes as much as Luke loves legos. I love the wrinkly nose. My darling, you are your father's daughter. And your grandfather's granddaughter. :) You descend from a family of hard-working, tool slinging contractors :) But just wait until your Nana teaches you to shoot a gun. Lordy we have fun times ahead.

When I say "pose men!" this is what I get.

This is the adorable bassinet all my babies have/are going to sleep in. I love traditions.

This is where baby Will is going to sleep when he grows up a bit. Luke is adamant about sharing a room.

I love this picture. I am a freak, I know. There is just something about old fashioned baby stuff that's adorable.

This picture is really special to me. In it I see my friends. I see Kat Martell and her handmade yummy blankets, I see my god mother Sherri and the super soft blanket she found, I see Alexis and Cecila Ash and their thoughtful "beela" they got so Will can be like Charlotte, I see John's friend Trish and her handmade blue beauty that was Luke's and now is passed on, I see John's sister in Arizona who made us a blanket and just had TWINS of her own, I see Cereza & Jessica and the butter-soft blankee they picked out. Thank you to all my loving friends and family.

And here we have our finished product. The changing table of my dreams,  found at Walmart (woohooo!!!) and bought by my mama. All it awaits are the cloth diapers. Yay for happy endings.

August 12, 2010

Made of sunshine

I know a little girl
and she's oh so yummy
and she's made of sunshine.

And she's my niece