August 26, 2009

Speaks to my soul

There are certain things that just speak to my soul. The shoe department at Nordstroms, most things from Banana Republic, freshly vacuumed floors, a sparkling clean car, freshly bathed children, things like that.

Very often I will spend time "designing" (in my head that is) the addition John and I plan to do someday that will give us our own house; basically making the current house into a duplex around 5000sf.

The one thing John and I really want is a dedicated guest room. We really, really want this. But the thought of a whole room being used a few weeks out of the year makes the "space conscious/space efficient" side of me cringe.

So I thought of the perfect solution!

"Hello beautiful shelf" is that what you are saying? No, no, no. Say "Hello beautiful shelf that is hiding a bed but I would never have know that!!!" Look below for a super crappy picture but you will get the idea.

The shelves push sideways to reveal the bed that pulls down. A murphy bed!!!

After spending some time checking out prices & websites I couldn't sleep because I was redesigning every room in our house with a murphy bed.

So space efficient! So amazing! Oh my goodness!

Feel free to come stay with us in about 7 years. There will be plenty of room for you, your family, friends, and neighbors.

August 22, 2009

Old bald men

Check out my old bald men. :) This is Jackson & Lucas circa 2005. This was Jackson's (family friend) first time at a nighttime playdate/babysitting session. The cool part is they are still really good buddies 4 years later. We like Jackson. He's super smart & a fellow lego fanatic.

A little after-dinner snooze

I've fantasized about doing this exact thing (well almost exact) many a time. I love that she just plopped down next to the table, like it's no big thing. And it isn't at our crazy house. Do you love the sprawled legs & arms? I am LOVING this picture & the girl that's in it.

15 Inch Mac Book Pro

This will all me mine in a few short days. Praise the lord. Praise my thrifty ways & stinginess with my meager allowance. This has been 9 months in the making. So completely stoked about it.