May 12, 2009

Thank you Chuck E Cheese

Dear Chuck E Cheese,

This drawing is about the ONLY thing I can thank you for. These amazing "charcoal" drawings you can offer us. Everything else about you sucks quite honestly, your manager who doesn't give refunds when she should, your bus boys who believe in dirty tables, and your food...oh the food. Anyway, THANK YOU for your charcoal drawings you do of my family. I love them.

The begrudging mom who visits you only because it makes my children happy

The artist

We are LOVING Luke's drawing creations these days. When he isn't playing legos or on, or talking about legos, he is drawing. :)

This piece started out with one or two of these fancy people in vests and top hats and then he went crazy. There are ones fixing the roof, baby ones in cradles upstairs, kid ones, sad ones, happy ones, and girl ones (with the long hair, I think that's me actually). Click on it to see it larger.