October 18, 2006

The girl's first sentence

So I did a mommy No-No. I was at the Doctors office about three weeks ago and said (in front of Charlotte) "She isn't talking very much, is that normal?"
Gosh, talk about insulting. I am surprised my little angel didn't wind up and smack me! Shame on me!!!! Okay but that is beside the point. The great news is..........
She spoke her first sentence!!!!!!!
While I was laying her down to sleep Monday night, I was tucking her into bed and covering her up with her blanket and I didn't have a bottle to give her (I wanted to see if we could cut down on the nighttime bottles). As I was about to say goodnight she asked me sooooo sweetly,
"Where's da baba??"
LOL! I could have died it was so cute. And I said "Oh, I will go get it right now," and ran off. And she stayed in her crib tucked in and waited for me........
(sigh) A good mommy moment.
Oh and she has added probably 15 words to her vocabulary since I told the Doctor. Too funny!

Lookin' out for myself

Okay so there is something I do that makes my hectic, kid oriented life a LOT easier.
1) I made a spare key for my car. So on those days where my kids lost my keys, I can still leave the house on time, or leave a location in an emergency if I need to. It's a very reassuring safety net.
Also, I have been meaning to put a $50 bill in there too. I got this idea from the book Sink Reflections (my all time favorite book on organizing your house and LIFE). This way if you ever forgot your wallet or are in an emergency you can still get gas, tow your car, etc.
That one is next. So here's to always be prepared!

October 4, 2006

General Update

Wow, okay so I am not the best blogger....... It's been a while.

Since my last few posts Charlotte has started and stopped preschool (what was I thinking?), Luke has become FULLY potty trained (I will save you the details), we have sold our house, paid off all our credit card debt (woohoooo!), purchased two new parakeets (so cute), and on and on....

Batman, I mean Lucas is the sweetest thing ever right now (knock on wood). Still cuddly and more and more verbal every day. This new thing he does is so cute. It'll go like this:
Luke: (asks me a question)???
Me: I'm not sure Luke.
Luke: No....I'm telling you, _____(same question)______?
Me: (delivers a made up answer).
For some reason he either thinks I know everything or needs an answer. The funny thing is that when he asks the second time 60% of the time I actually do have an answer, I just had to think for a minute. Very cute.

Charlotte's vocabulary has doubled, easily, in the last week. She is repeating the same syllables I say, and sometimes even the words. She is saying "byebye, uppie, mama, dada, banenee (blanket), shoes (always said enthusiastically), sockies, wowo (for the sound a dog makes), whass dat?" and so on. New words are a commin'!! (Thank goodness)

Okay so you know how she LOVES shoes? Well if you don't her shoe obsession is just that, obsessive. When she wakes up in the morning AND at nap time the first thing she wants to do is pick out some shoe to wear. Okay so funny story, the other day my mom was sitting down on the couch and Charlotte walked up to her leg, held up her pants and studied her shoes as if to say "Hmmm....those are cute." Freakin' hilarious!