May 20, 2011

talk to me

Dear lovely eldest children of mine,

I am blessed with children who talk to me. A lot. So much that I sometimes tune you out as background noise. That's horrible, I know. But I am working on remaining present in our conversations.

Here are some current daily topics:

Luke: Mom, do you see that car?
Allie: Yes, the Mustang?
Luke: Mustang GT. That's the kind of car I want. (figuring out which car is a major present time issue for you)
Allie: Great! You finally decided huh?
Luke: Yep. I definitely want a Mustang. Shelby's look cooler, they have these things that stick out, but I want a Mustang.
Allie: So cool!! Save your money!!

I can't believe how cliche I's really can't help throwing in advice at all times.

Charlotte: Can we get a dog?
Allie: No
Charlotte: I really, really like poodles and huskies.
Allie: That's nice.
Charlotte: What about a water turtle?
Allie: Maybe
Charlotte: WHEN??
Allie: I don't know, talk to daddy.
Charlotte: But can we get a dog?
Allie: No! Honey, dogs.
Charlotte: A cat?
Allie: Nope, still allergic.
Charlotte: I really, really want a dog.
(Love the matching outfit to dessert BTW)

"God, please give me patience. Give. Me. Patience." This is what I chant to myself. The animal discussion is an every day thing. I need to just break down and get a water turtle or something else. My reasoning on no pets? Another child to take care of when my hands are already full and overflowing. But I remember when I was 6 and talked about pets nonstop. Hard not to empathize and give in lovely girl. I hope you understand my reasoning some day.

I love you guys. Keep talking to me!!!

May 8, 2011

table envy

I got this idea from one of my fav boutique's blogs. Frances in Phoenix. I love that store. I love the candy store they also own 2 doors down. They have MY FAVORITE SALT CARMEL. I LOVE CARMEL. YES IT REQUIRES CAPITAL LETTERS. But I digress......(caramel is always an excuse to digress).

I love this floating floral arrangement idea!! Want it. Want it now. Brewing ideas to use it immediately.

May 2, 2011

Easter 2011

Oh Willsie. It was your first Easter and you were so so cute.
This hat was Luke's. I love when saving things works out.
My boys. Love, love, love

My Easter peeps. How I love you.

Check out these beautiful kids.
Thank you so much grandma Johnson for the dresses.
Thank you so much Grammy for the shoes & boys clothes. 

What a great Easter - as usual. My mom and Nana put together a fantastic day. We feasted all morning and then feasted some more at the James house that afternoon. All together if felt like Thanksgiving in Spring. Perfection.

May 1, 2011

Love you

Just thought I would let you know how much I love you. 
You still like to cuddle.
You still love legos.
You still adore your brother.
You are still the sweet boy you've always been.

Love you.