February 27, 2008

World Without End

I must say, with the writers strike going on (at least I think it's still going on - shows how in the loop I am) I have been doing a lot more reading. I'm not a big TV watcher to begin with, I was doing 2-3 hours a week. But man, am I thrilled to be unglued and released from the chains of TV slavery. I despised (and loved, I'll admit it) having a weekly date with my TV that I refused to miss. Yes, yes there's TiVo - but TiVo is not a necessity with two kids in private school.
I'm rambling but the point is.......I have been doing A LOT more reading these past several months having nixed my TV watching rituals. Once I had absorbed every last morsel of the 2nd season of Big Love on DVD I went through about two weeks of TV withdrawal (it was pretty painful) and now I am incredibly content, I dare say happy with just my book(s). Those of you that know me know i always have about 3-7 books on my nightstand waiting to be read or ones I dabble with.

Anyway, the whole point is that if you read and loved The Pillars of the Earth (read it right now if you have never heard of it) there is a quasi-sequel that is pretty darn fantastic. It doesn't quite have the ________ (insert perfect adjective) as the first book but it's a close second, it's called World Without End and that's how it feels let-me-tell-you, because it's also a whopping 1000 pages or so.

In closing, I highly recommend kicking the TV habit and visiting the library. It's free and you might just learn something. :) Nighty night.


While driving home from John's sister's house tonight Charlotte starts telling me this story. In the beginning I totally thought she was telling me something that actually happened. But when she got the the part with my mom picking up a frog and fixing it with tape, I was on the her! :) The complete story is below, keep in mind I was asking her questions as she told it, it didn't come out all in one line like this.

Charlotte's story:

(Note: one thing you have to know to get th beginning is that Uncle Robert had given her a carpenter's pencil, you know those orange flat pencils)

"Grammy has a pencil like this one (carpenter pencil) at her house but she lost it. And I was helping her look for it. Then I found it! Under her table! Grammy was tired and she wanted to lay down. In her bed. But there was a froggy. In her bed. Grammy picked it up by one of it's hand. (At this point I asked if the frog said "Rrrribit, help me, Rrrribit, help me!" And she said yes). Then Grammy picked it up by both of it's hands. But it broke. Then she 'fitzed' (this means 'fixed') it with tape. It was all better. Grammy was tired and laid down in her bed for night-night."

Pretty darn cute if you ask me

Friend of Foe?

It all started with the LeapFrog Leapster. It's this educational video game but in reality I am starting to think it's a glorified game boy (hand held video game system). I must admit it has pretty cool games on it, but is it really necessary? Is this tool more friend than foe? Might it make kids and parents alike lazy and shirk their duties as students and teachers?

Don't get me wrong, it is not a product without merit. I am just thinking that like most things it needs limits and an educated and caring parent to help make those. I was introduced to one of these last year by a family member. His kids were playing this art game and one other game (no violent games, a DEFINITE upside) and Luke fell in love.

I hemmed and hawed back and forth about writing Santa and asking him to bring Luke one but decided that for pete's sake - why rush things??? But now his buddies are starting to have them and play them and I didn't want my kid being the freak......so.... I started letting him play a few video games on my phone and computer and the addiction has begun.....

My days are now peppered with "when can I play it?" questions. These same questions have never crossed his lips until I started the whole thing a few weeks back. I am cursing myself. Let this be a lesson to me. Don't get me wrong, I am not 100% against video games, they are fun, I loved them as a kid, all things in moderation right?

My problem is that my kids (and most I know) spend way too much time indoors already, and their life is so fast paced and for darn sake why do kids need "educating" all day long anyway?? Plus I noticed that kids lives today are all choreographed for them. The toys, TV shows and movies, videos games, etc. have taken all the "creation" out of childhood. What happened to mud pies and invisible friends? I personally feel that if things keep going the way they are kids won't know how to "play" because they have never been forced to use their imagination.

In closing, I vow to not make my kid a freak, however I do plan to get dirty and make mud pies tomorrow. Here's to using your imagination!

February 12, 2008

Nothings ever simple

Nothin's ever simple with that girl. Which girl you ask?? Who do you think?!?!!! Yah that's right...Charlotte!!!

Today she asked for cereal as a snack. Not any cereal, the blue boxed one. Okay, I can hang with that. But don't put the milk in before she's found a spoon and sat down in her spot at the table. And don't put in the milk in the green box, the blue box. Oh but wait, she doesn't want maple syrup on it today, why would it be like any other day?? She's wants honey, but don't put it all over, swirl it just so. Oh but wait, now she needs to go to peepee, but not in the toilet, outside on the lawn. That's right, sometimes my daughter does her peepee like a puppy. Oi vey!!!

Long ago I got super flat on change. You have one baby and think that all other babies and definitely all of YOUR subsequent babies will be the same or at least very similar. No siree. There are as many personalities as their are people I have learned.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.... :) The upshot is we are NEVER bored around here.