December 31, 2012

AZ Trip - Day 3

While I was starting to feel the effects of slightly less sleep - the kids were going strong! The morning started off with playdoh creations.


I love Jen's style - modern meets "I love it." Her home is a collection of things she loves from different all seems to work because, well....she loves it.

We left Lucas home with Carter (a big step for me) so we could hit the Children's Museum of Phoenix. 

Madam A - you always impress with your outfit choices. You are your mother's daughter.

The entrance wall of the museum is covered in CDs hanging in long strains - so pretty.

William didn't get to go last year as he was sick - so this was his first time experiencing the exhibits. PVC pipe + ping pong balls + air = lots of fun.

Fake - it's fake - but awesome :)

Hi ladies! The ladies are up in a 3 story maze of hallways and passageways and fake boats with fake feet dangling.

Madam S loved the baby area.

Metal rods with washers = musical fun when you lift them to the top and drop them down.

I can't describe this in words - but the little disks never seem to fall the same way. Good fun.

This artist - Heidi Dauphin - created this awesome modern art piece entitled "Making a Point" using Ticonderoga pencils. Brilliant.

In the bike area the girls had a good time wheeling about.

Fun signs like this blocked off restricted areas. Bonus points for creativity guys. 

Every nook and cranny has inspired areas to play. Take this tiny cubby in the preschool area - half a ball down low. Love it.

Large exercise balls inside metal arches makes for loads of fun. I want this in my future preschool!

I love this "open floor plan" play house idea. Another good idea for my future preschool.

Oh Miss S - we love you.

I can't get enough of this picture......

The wall where your shoes go before creative!!

The fort room. All materials inspire good forts. Blankets, crates, clips, saw horses, foam blocks, couch cushions, etc. 

The center has a fort to start the building process. I love the door leaning against the wall - a good starting place for a fort.

Until next year!!! 

AZ Trip Day 2 - Part 2

Picture overload?? Well buck up!! Here comes more!!!

After dropping John and the babies off at the house we decided to do some more fun stuff.
I like to say "Where Jen goes I will follow because where Jen goes good food appears."
This is 100% true. Jen knows food. And St. Frances does GOOD food. Local, in season, and delicious. 

Oh and the lighting is fab ;) Our fav table is 3/4 glass box positioned halfway out the side of the wall. Incredible light. Mr. C and Madam P are great cousins. 

What happens when you give a 9 year old silly putty? Mustaches. Lots and lots of mustaches. 

The one on the left here was my favorite.

This fuzzy picture is of their bathroom sink. I NEED one of these. A copper plate inset in the wall at an angle. It was amazing.

Next up? Frances Vintage Boutique (not related or owned by the same restauranteur - coincidence?).
This is a tradition we have created. I go here every year and buy jewelry. This boutique is lovely. It speaks to me. I could have easily spent my life savings on jewelry, shoes and clothes. This trip I scored 3 new necklaces. Heaven.

I am SUPER annoyed that I didn't notice the camera setting one of the children had set my camera to. This made for dark and fuzzy pics throughout most of the shop. Sadness. 
Above my darling girl gets a taste of the good stuff.
Oh lovely jewelry - you are calling to me! Stop it!!!

Oh hip and stylish clothing & retro charming housewares you are calling my name!

Oh kitty kat children's shoes - you have my daughter's name all over you!

Hello are my new obsession.

Do shoes come more perfect than these? Nope!

Get a load of these rings. Love! Must. Leave. Store. 
It's ok - because the owner of Frances also owns a candy shop. Off we go!!!

That's a whole lotta kids excited for Smeeks.

Smeeks is a children's dreamland. The last remaining place on earth where $4 goes a looooong loooooong way. Every year we give each child $4 and they get one of the paper boxes to fill up.

The red shelves are lined with goodies from the past. All those hard to find bars from childhood still live on in Smeeks. And I only spent $17 on caramel this year. That's not bad for me considering they well the world's best caramel ever. 

Did you run out of Irish Accent spray? Well Smeeks has your back. Phew!

Until next year.........

Luke thought I might not notice him shoveling candy down the hatch behind the aloe bushes. Nice try.
I'm a little obsessed with back shots. Love the bling on your jeans Madam P. 
Love the stripes and pink boots Madam A. You are stylish little peeps.

After the sugar rush we needed the outdoors. The Babbitt ladies received electric scooters for Xmas.
We had a blast.

What I love about Willsie is even if you have been away for 5 minutes he treats your return as if it's been 5 years. I love you little buddy.

Every few minutes he would run back to check in with baby sister. Awwwww.

C and E had a blast scooting around the neighborhood. We let them go off out of eye sight. I only paced a little bit. 

Oh Lordy - that face.......

My little man loves the outdoors. He would hike for hours if we let him I think.

I am annoyed I didn't get better pictures - but Lucas, Carter, and Ellie (and sometimes John) spent HOURS playing airsoft war. They have the welts to prove it too. 

Pen with plume? A must. Impressing the Lady Cousin - a must.

The day ended with Aunt Jen shoving John and I out the door for a date. 
What the what??? A date???? Oh my - we didn't know what to do with ourselves. Day 2 was a huge success.