May 31, 2013

Top 10 Pics of May

In absolutely no logical order at all.....

This pic of L and his buddy on the trampoline. Love it.

Mr. Dirty face and his digger. We have been reading "Goodnight Construction Site" for weeks. It's his favorite book. We know it almost by heart. 

Madam S loves baby dolls. A lot. It might possibly be the cutest thing ON EARTH.

My mini freak show. How I love thee.

No words.......xoxo

The dress. The hair. The foot. Mi amore.
(are those slobber stains on your sheet?! What kind of mother do you have?!?!?)

Oh buddy. LOL. Haircuts are not that bad!

Found on old car.........totally snagged a picture with it. My white legs match my dress & the white interior. Oh lordy.

Please tell your mother you are too big for walkers! If you can climb out - they are no longer safe.

Love this shot. A lot. It appears many times here. I'm okay with that.

My lovers........
(Willsie your bottle has a pink lid. Who is your mother anyway?!)

My sweet girl loves her horseback riding lessons. A lot. She won't stop talking about and drawing horses. My walls are covered in horse art. I am so proud of you C.

This might actually be my favorite picture on earth.

Another favorite. 10 years together and going stronger than ever. Mr. LeBaron you are the shiz.

Sweet baby girl and daddy L. awww

Happy Mother's Day to me!!!!!

The ever.

My bestie. Truly such an incredible bestie. xoxo

What? That was more than 10?? Sorry? ;)

May 23, 2013


I found you at the table madly scratching away.

Here's the song you were creating:

Why can't I see you
by Charlotte james

Oh why is the chance
That i can't see you in the sky
Of Blue daceing in the
light so bright.
love is so bright

Love is so light
Sometimes Hevey
and stroge
Oh wye is the chance
that I can't seeeee
you in the sky oof

Why can't i see you in the dark
in a pile of bark
You see a rainbow
when the wind blose

the rain away
Oh why is the changce
that i can't see 

You are amazing.

(As a side note I was just thinking how AMAZING it would be to be a child again for a bit where your meals are made and serious responsibilities nill and lots of free time to create songs, art, etc. Amazing! But I like driving.....and iphones......and using sharp I'll stay a grown up thankyouverymuch)

May 13, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

It was another great M Day this year even if we did roast alive at the park......

We have been doing our M Day brunch with my family at parks the past few years. I love it. I love that no one mom has to clean her house to prep or clean her house afterwards. Score! I love playing our traditional game of tag. I love being outdoors. 

But this year....the weather decided to be 99 degrees. No joke. My gaggle of redheads were wilting. Makeup was sliding off female faces. Brows were dripping nonstop. It was memorable!!

To the pictures!!!

I love this pic. I love the warm colors and the yummy lovin' going on between you two.

My sweet sis and her fan

I love my parents more than words. My mom is amazing, amazing, amazing. It's pretty difficult to pay tribute to someone like her. But we tried. 

My brother J is a great uncle. Love you J!

Check out those eyes. They are different colors. Kinda like her personality. Muuuhahahahaaaaa!!! 

Love my seestors!!! 

I love this shot. 
Allie: Sara put down your friggin arm!
Sara: Oh crap, I'm falling over!
J: What the heck?!
Mom: Jesus you guys, can't we just go situated for a dang picture?!
Jess: ....going with the flow
Gab: You guys are soooooo funny

Belly grab!!! We love you soon-to-be-Jack!!!

The lovin' shot. We all love you so much MOM!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for everything, everyday, notice or not - we appreciate the heck outta ya!

Savannie loves her Grammy and gets so excited to see her.

Ah ha!!!! Success is ours! A decent family photo! Wooohooooooo! 

Thank you family for an awesome mother's day. 
This has been a crazy last 12 months of soul searching, baby addition, home schooling extravaganza, rocket ride work statistics, and more soul searching. 

One of the coolest things I realized this year was that there are two ways to look at all my career failures of my teens and 20s. 
1) Failures
2) Doors closing one after another to lead me to my real calling.

I choose #2.
I choose you guys.
I choose family.
For better or for worse, for all the good and bad days, 
This is my dream job!

May 12, 2013

Top 10 Pics from March

My sweet friend Leslie and her daughter came out to LA for a week to care for a sick friend (amazing, I know) and we had an amazing and memorable breakfast at Paradise Cove in Malibu. 

I love, love, love this shot of Charlotte. My sweet girl.

Soul mates. Skylar and Charlotte at Paradise Cove.

I will never tire of bathtub pics. There's just something about babies in baths.

LOL LOL This is what greeted me at the door when I came home from a morning off. I love my husband's sense of humor.

Oh my - there is just something about this pic I will take with me forever.

It's not a joke. This is a real picture of my real son in a real suit. I love my life.

I love the bond my kids have. Every day, every time, every nap - they think is the BEST THING EVER to go pick her up. It fills my love cup.

Matchy girls.

This pic is hysterical. It's a flash forward of him into adult hood starting off his morning. The hair, the outfit, the messy kitchen with crazy hippie fermented cheese hanging from the cabinet. Love it all.

The kids just love this apple peeler my mother in law brought them. They make "apple donuts" now.....67 times a day. 

no words.

My sweet man. I love you.

This picture stunned me. Who said you could be so beautiful!?

LOL LOL LOL until I die. This is so true and so therapeutic.

My hubby around age 11/12. LOVE IT

One of my all time favorite pictures for several reasons. It's symbolic really. He really is this dynamic, colorful but laid back guy. We are lucky!!!

What's better than a bathtub pic? A bathtub kissing pic. 

I am blessed. I should visit this post when my blood boils in frustration. Good plan. 
What?? It was more than 10 pics?? Sorry :)