July 20, 2013

Pregnancy & Labor by comparison

While cleaning out my desk today I found this note from my midwife and thought I'd record for all time.

               Weight gain -- Hrs of Labor  --  Min. of pushing  --  Arrival    --  Weight
Luke:           47 lbs.               6.10                  79min                10:19PM       7lb 4oz

Charlotte:     40 lbs.               1.53                  8min                   4:43pm         6lb 8oz

William:       43lbs                 2.20                  22min                 8:12AM        8lb4oz

Savannah     31lbs                 2.08                  7min                   8:25AM       7lb6oz

There is so much to each story - for example the official records for Savannah might state "2 hours" of labor - but Calyn and I can attest it was HOURS of off and on - at least it felt like it. About 5 hours total of weirdly & wickedly & annoyingly off and on labor.

And let's discuss the fact that I was "eating for two" with Lucas. Sheesh! 50 lbs practically - dang girl! Glad to see I finally learned I was in fact eating for "one and a raspberry" or "one and a cantaloupe" depending on the trimester - good god - finally glad I learned that.

Oh sweet, sweet baby loves. You are all just awesome.........(when not trying to kill me).

xo, Momma