May 29, 2012

Gone for an hour

The following texts from John are what were on my phone after my 1 hour walk with the ladies:

7:14 pm
savannah finally stopped screaming 

A picture of William's naked butt with the caption:
Boober is in the shower with Shark Shark.  

(Gotta love auto correct, I'm sure that was supposed to be Char Char)

Savannah started again :(

I'm shooting for Willby in bed by 7:45. Char says he keeps poking her privates.

(This is awesome because his bedtime is 7:15. hmmm)

Sav is sleeping again

In theory L & C are in bed and Savannah is sleeping. Still working on Will.

I love my husband for pitching in so willingly with the kids. And the full play by play is extremely.......well.......informational. Can you imagine if I were to do this back to him all day long?? Today's might read something like this.

I awoke still extremely tired. 

Your eldest man child is extremely hard to wake up! Arrghhh!!

Man can we really go through some laundry! There are 4 loads to me folded today.....somehow....

Your eldest man child fell BACK TO SLEEP after I woke him and told him not to do so. Can he please ride with you tomorrow? 

I am panting with the effort not to yell at YOUR children. Must I say things 10,000 times before they happen? Mornings are a pain!
Wills is still sleeping! :) yay for that.

Thanks for emptying the dishwasher - you rock!

Dang I impress myself some days with the ability to throw together lunches with seemingly nothing in the fridge and no time. Go me!

Lucas's piano piece is really coming together. He's awesome. 

School bus came - all is calm once more. Let's have another baby!

May 25, 2012

Fever baby

my poor boy had a fever this week
And it took him DOWN!

Down for the count. 

Like a champ he slept it off. We made friends with the couch and bed for 36 hours straight. Ai chi mama. Thank goodness Savannah doesn't mind just hanging out. Luckily that one has passed!


pucker up for a smooch!






Frankenstien hands - a distant cousin to jazz hands :)

just plain happy


There's this awesome new app for my phone called PicCollage.
I'm a little obsessed.
Pics from our photoshoot...

Me & my boy....

Pinewood Derby!

2 weeks of smiles from Madam S

My family

My sweet sweet babies.

I LOVE technology!

A lot of kids

You know you  have a lot of kids when you use an industrial dust mop and this is what you get up after just 24 hrs since the last time. Just saying.....

May 13, 2012

M day


On this Mother's Day I just wanted to write a few things down. First - your father is amazing. He ROCKED this day. I'm still in shock. The theme was four.....for my four children. I was given four rose pots and four spa treatments. Truly the sweetest. And the day before I was given the newest iPad - for a "you just had another amazing baby" present. It's not the stuff - it really is the thought behind it. <3

But on a more deep and serious note.......

The responsibility of raising you all can threaten to be overwhelming sometimes.........sometimes I cry in exhaustion and frustration.....sometimes I yell and say harsh things......but please know it really is my dream job....and while it sure ain't for sissies.....I'm exactly where I want to be. With all of you,

And while I am FAR from perfect and hope I always remain humble enough to admit that - I love you with all my heart, with all of my body and and with every fiber of my soul. 

Here's to another year with you amazing people. May I come closer and closer to being the best mother I can be for each of you. 

Forever and Always,


Can we talk about these pictures a moment?? Ok great.
Well the one on the left is my baby sister Gab. And the one on the right is my eldest sister Jess.
I've never heard anyone say they look alike. Even the family never really thought that.
Until today - Mother's Day. I put together a photo collage of all the Pace siblings and their children as babies. Holy moly - there are some seriously strong genes running through us. More to come on that. Check out those almond eyes!! That's what got me!
I just want to sit and admire these adorable baby pictures of my sissies for the next 47 minutes. Join me!

A photoshoot is worth a gazillion dollars

My beautiful friend Jill Carmel is a professional newborn photographer.
And it just so happened that she was in town when Savannah was born.
Being her gracious self - she made time for a family photoshoot. I am just speechless with gratitude.
I have a new nick name for her after watching her work her magic - Baby Photographer-surgeon-wizard-master. There is nothing not to admire about the way she does her art. It's down to a science but watching it unfold held me in awe - even while I accidentally fell asleep on the judging a sleep deprived momma right? We love you Jill!

 Sheer perfection....oh can my own baby give me baby fever?!?

 And this series of pictures?? You are kidding me right?

The most frequent response to this picture is "Is that a doll??" :)

Oh my lordy - baby toes are the best.

 This cracks me up. We were a little worried what William would think of baby sister, but we worried for nothing. He is in love with her and wants to help present her to people wherever we go. 

Oh geez. I love all my peeps.....

And this one is absolutely, hands down, my favorite. I blew that sucker up right away and made it a wall poster in my house. Everything about it is perfect.......

Oh my Savannah girl - you have really captured our heart.