October 31, 2011

A theological meltdown at the Halloween store

Upon arriving at the Halloween store Charlotte my darling, you informed me that you wanted to be a devil. And this is what transpired:
A: "Honey, the devil is the opposite of God! Are you sure you want to be something that represents the opposite of God?! I mean, I don't think this is really setting a good example."
C: "Umm...I just want to be a devil mom. I like the red dress"
A: "Let's look at other costumes"

We searched the store and I could see you getting more and more downtrodden. Finally I gave in. At this Lucas came up and asked for a scythe. "Seriously!!!" I am thinking. And I said "Lucas, this represents Death. I don't feel good about you representing Death. Also it will scare your brother." At this he shows it to William and William runs up and grabs it and starts hitting Lucas and giggling. Great. Thanks William.

So after feeling close to tears and at total defeat at turning my children's hearts in a more righteous direction - I give in. I am not sure this one is worth it. When we get home and rely the whole scenario to John he says "Honey, do you really want to be THAT mom?? Please go take a nap." Wise, wise man........ And I did.

All in all I do still think the things I said, but I don't want to fight battles that aren't worth it. And to your credit my Char, you made as darling a devil there could be. 


 My Lion

 The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

 Our Trick or Treat Party. 
 Wills hung out with Grandpa who acted as tour guide for the Trick or Treat party.

Wills first lolly pop.

All in all it was an awesome Halloween. My brother in law made John's wardrobe costume and I was tickled with how it turned out. This kind of made up for my older children's costumes. Must Halloween be so disgustingly scary?? What happened to imaginative costumes? Oops, I'm being that mom again. :)

October 27, 2011

I love Dada forever

 Whether swimming or playing, Will is a dada lover

Testing the new tablet 
 Waiting for Mecca to open (Mac store)
 Eating the best ice cream on earth, Paradis in Montrose
 At the stream in Santa Barbara
 In the kitchen
On vacation in Santa Barbara.

From birth is has been evident that  you are a daddy's boy through and through. And I understand. I kinda like him myself. Enjoy your time with your Dada little man. 

October 17, 2011

Santa Barbara vacation Part 1

 Aunt Jen found this wonderful place in Santa Barbara and we all decided to go this year.
I am SO glad we did. This is what our cabin looked like.
And this is what it looks like when you enter. A kichenette and dining/living room 
(small but it doesn't matter as you are never inside). In the back is a full bathroom and bedroom and above is sleeping life that fits about 4 children.
 Aunt Jen knows her stuff and brought legos to keep el children entertained. This worked magic for hours.
 As I said above you are ever inside at El Capitan Canyon. There are bikes to ride, trails to hike, meadows to run in, streams to stream in, and just sitting on the porch reading your kindle as Jen and I did.

 This is pictorial proof that our Ellie is turning girlie. We love you.
It is pitch dark in this picture and the peeps are still outside

 My kids were having a blast from 7Am to 9Pm. Best vacation ever.
 We were so proud of you!!! You climbed a tree!!!! This is big news for you!
 John and Wills having a ball at the stream.
 Santa Barbara state beach was just across the road. 

 I love this picture. What a hunk!
 "LeBarons Rock" is says. And we kinda do.
Love this shot. I think this is Carter. There is something awesome about the sunset at the beach

October 15, 2011

Santa Barbara Vacation Part #2

 Wills my dear, you don't seem to sleep well on vaca. This morning you slept in with daddy. So cute.
 While walking to my massage (yes I did just say that) I saw some deer. It was rad to be so close to nature without the "camping" filth included.
 The massage hut and garden. Life is blissful

 Aunt Jen brought fake mustaches. The following series of pictures made the trip. This is my other child, Ava. Why Aunt Jen owns a red headed child is still beyond us all.
 Abe Lincoln anyone?
 I love Char's "mustache face"

Hysterical. That knife really adds flare my friend.

Thank you Aunt Jen for organizing such a memorable trip!!! We had a BLAST!!!!!