June 15, 2010

Mom's bday

Thanks for having a bday mom. We went to a yummy tepan grill - my favorite - and had a nice time celebrating. Love the ladies.

And then there was Memo. I love your sense of humor Mem. And I LOVE THIS PICTURE!

June 10, 2010

The stream

We found a stream near our house.

In Southern California where it hardly ever rains this is a BIG DEAL. My kids have never really experienced a stream before. We stayed there pretty much all day, except for when we went out to buy a tube to float down the stream.

Luke found this log and was fascinated by it. He had to figure out how to lug it into the middle of the water. I loved watching and not offering any help because after all, doing it yourself is the best teacher.

Once that was done they rowed, rowed, rowed themselves gently down the stream.

And mostly John and I sat on the banks eating our food and watching the kids and just being happy.

And Char got in a round of stream golf.

And then we came back later in the day with some friends because we had a great idea and went and bought an inner tube and went tubing down the stream. SO FUN! Here Char is with her buddy Randall.

And Luke is with his buddy Jackson.

All in all it was one of the better days with the kids. It was free. Everyone was happy. And we have gone back a few times since.