April 9, 2008

Easter Extravaganza

Well, we had the most amazing Easter ever this year!!!!!!!!!! We had the LeBaron clan there, the Pace clan and the Johnson clan (my grandparents on my mom's side) and my little sister there with her parents, so much fun!!! I have a few pictures (300!!) documenting the weekend. We keep calling it the perfect weekend. And it was. The food was amazing, having everyone together was the best, and the kids were perfect all weekend, I couldn't believe it.

Here's a pic of the cuties all dressed up. And then a few more, one with my niece Isabella and one with all the grandmas. Click on the photo to see it larger.

The sailor outfits were my mom's idea. The salescleak at the store was so cute, it's as if my mom called ahead and clued her in...she said "You know, no American childhood is complete without a sailor outfit" :) It was well worth it!!