June 18, 2011



A typical conversation with you always gets my cogwheels a turning. This one was no different:

Char: What were those people who came first called again?
Allie: Um....(thinking what this might be, scanning recent topics & school lessons). Oh! Pioneers?
Char: Yes!!! Wouldn't it be fun to live like a Pioneer?
Allie: Hmmm...well...(thinking of all the modern things we wouldn't have) it would be a very hard life, that's for sure.
Char: Are there still Indians? (she means Native Americans people - sorry!)
Allie: Yes. Remember about Reservations?
Char: Oh ya!!!  ........(thinking)
Char: It's not fair mom. They were here FIRST!!
Allie: Ya...I know.....it's just one of those things.....(debating whether this is the right time to get into the topic of power and guns and money and what that does for your power...decided to K.I.S.S.)

Thank you love for all the stimulating convos! I love you and your mind. I love how to you will EXHAUST every topic until you completely understand it (and honestly sometimes I want to run and hide from you for this same reason). I love how you have a very intact sense of compassion and fairness. These are wonderful qualities. Keep them close to you even though often you will wonder why others don't have them as well. Be who you are and others will want to be more of themselves too.

Love, Mom

June 4, 2011


Dear Children,

I don't know when you will read this and what sort of people will influence the lives of America in that future date but I want to say a few words about Oprah. She has been on daytime television for the past 25 years. This year was her last season and while I was not a faithful viewer I always enjoyed what she had to say and her final episode was just incredible. Her message has always been a message I hope will hit you where you really live, deep inside you, a message I hope you will carry with you always.

YOU have the power to change you
YOU and you alone are responsible for your life
YOU are enough
YOU are worthy of happiness and
YOU have the power to change the world

Her show has always been about everyday people - or at least it communicated on a level that everyday people could get. She taught lessons to so many about so much. She helped in the way she knew how and did it with passion. 

People come and people go but special people, wise people, true people, people who are good and kind and generous - those are few and far between. Cherish those people when you find them, hold them close and love them dearly. Learn from them. Listen to them. Encourage them.

I hope your lives are full of these people. As these are the people you are to me and I hope you grow to show others this as well.

This post is not to say "be like Oprah" but rather be the amazing people that you are and reach out and change the world. You are each so exquisitely unique & wonderful. Embrace it!

I love you my wonderful children.

And I love Oprah too. 

This and that

We got our pool set up a few weekends ago. And as we were filling Willsie you tested out the water for us. Is it safe buddy?? Yes??? Thank you for doing such a service to your family.
BTW that toy dog swims. A swimming toy dog! What will they think of next.

My bro. I love him mucho. We had a great mothers day brunch at the park. I suggested a game of tag. Every person besides Wills was involved. Even my mom. It was HYSTERICAL. I almost peed my pants a few times. TMI you say? Eh - let's embrace it.

My Char Char. You are a doll. Life is never boring with you.

What the heck? That's what I said too!! He gets this from his dad. This is exactly how John sleeps.

Car shopping

Today my son you have grown into a man. 
A manboy.
A boy who is sort of becoming a man.
Ok, just my boy.

You are very into cars. I don't know if this is an outside influence or one of your own but either way I like it. I used to play a game with myself and would try and name every car I saw as my mom drove me down the street. I used to be quite good - but I was the only one judging so I guess that's not a fair statement but who cares. I like cars too.

Your love (today) are Mustang GTs and Shelbys. You asked me to see pictures of them online and I took you to Ford.com where you built the car you wanted from the bottom up and were SHOCKED by the $54,000 price tag. Muuuhahahaha. This was always my intention. I wanted a little "life lesson" action thrown in there. We had a discussion about savings due to my genius.....excuse me while I pat my own back. :)  You went back and forth and back and forth and back and forth between red with black stripes or black with red stripes. These are tough choices. Ones you must make on your own. 

It was a fun way to pass time and I love being involved. The days of sitting on the floor and playing trains with you seem to be fading. And while I could tear up if I wanted, I just choose to be in this moment with you and enjoy this new phase.

Here's to embracing the moment.

xo, Mom