March 9, 2014

Aiden's Bday

Happy Birthday Aiden!!

It can not always be said that I love kid birthday parties (honesty warning) but  I had such a good time at this party it's making on the blog.

Reason #1 I had an excellent time:

Got to see my bestie who is one hard-working, crazy-hours-at-the-office, super-dedicated-sports-mom-on-the-weekends, all around awesome person who I don't see enough of. Love her.

And I love watching her relationship with her kids.
…..and I love her husband Jessie.

 Reason #2 I got to spend time with Lilly our friend Lauren's daughter.
And they shared pacifiers - or "packs" as Savannah would say. She also used to call them "patties"
And Lilly's brother Owen is still Willsie's fav person and it was a treat to see him on the weekend too!

#3 My niece - oh how I LOVE her. 

#4 Watching this little thang keep up with the older kids.

 #5 Watching all the kids have fun & TAKING PHOTOGRAPHS again! Taking pics with one's iPhone doesn't really count. It's been so long since I have really used my big camera and it felt soooo good.

#6 Witnessing the incredible talent of Aiden's grandma aka Dorie Kinney aka The Cake Lady aka My first boss. This ninja turtle pizza cake was friggin incredible.