October 13, 2010

2 lbs

We went to the pediatrician today and found out that Mr. Chubby Pants has not only regained his birth weight.............he gained TWO POUNDS!!!! You are three weeks 1 day old today little man and you weight in at 10 lbs. 5 oz. That some serious chub.

The dr. asked me a few times "it's EXCLUSIVELY breast milk right??" because you are now in the 75% percentile in weight. hehehe

Bring on the chub!! We like it!!!

And check out your super cute cloth diapers. Oh how I love them. 

Lucas the photographer

So Lucas has been really getting into photography. We had a training session on my "big camera" (that's what we call it because it weighs a ton and the price tag was big too :) and he is really getting the hang of things.

Exhibit A:
This is at the photo shoot my friend Johanna did for Will's birth announcement. 
(She's an amazing photographer BTW)
Anyway, Luke was in the background asking Johanna questions and generally getting in the way :)
But this is a pretty darn good shot he did.

And this one's not too shabby either. While snapping photographs this day he said "I want to be a photographer when I grow up." John and I both said "Well you picked the right family then."

 This one is kind of cool. I like the angle. Good job buddy.

And I don't know why exactly...but I LOVE this picture. This is Will's godfather Robert. He's also the kid's uncle (Cec's hubby). He came over to meet Will. Ain't he handsome? We like Robert.

I think you are making great progress Lucas. We are PROUD.