July 13, 2006

Charlotte speak

The little sniglet is speaking more understandable English words!!! I say that because I am not silly enough to think she hasn't been talking all along, it's just not 100% English yet.

So new words are:
"Owweeie" and I am not sure if she really means she has an oweie or if she is just saying it because it's really damn cute. Sometimes it sounds like "allie" but I think I am dreaming. She will go around the house and lightly bump into things and then look at us and say "oweie" :) No, nothing is cuter than that!

"Baba" for bottle. I totally taught her that on accident. I pride myself in not talking too much baby talk to my kids but I have ALWAYS called bottles "babas."

And she will parrot things we say like "thank you" and today I was saying "byebye Grandma" and she said something that sounded really similar after wards.

She still is the eater of the universe! Love her! The other day she ate (in one sitting) baby corn, green peas, olives, chicken, beets, garbanzo beans and was going for the chili peppers! :) Luckily mommy was faster for once!

Enough of the potty mouth!

So most of you are probably thinking......alright already! Enough with the gross updates on potty training!

And I hear yah, I don't know that I would want to read about that stuff either. But I swear this is about the entirety of our existence right now.

And it's painful let me tell you. Today I committed mommy treason, I pinned Luke on the potty today to "help him" get over his fear of #2 on the potty. And he did and once that was over (half hour later of horrible suffering) he was so proud of himself and I was too and we went to the toy store. I look back and think "WHAT was I thinking??"

So....we are on the right track but it's so oh so sloooow. I should just stop obessing.

July 5, 2006

Potty Update...day 4

Okay so I think we are on day #4 of potty training but today was a monumental day......

First day of underwear at school!!!!!!

And the report:

0 accidents
5 successes

Whoooohoooo!!!!!!!! Our boy is on his way!

July 2, 2006

Luke is Potty Trained (day time)

My boy is wearing underwear!!!

If you are a parent who has changed many a diaper, you know how awesome this is! We decided (with the help of Jane Warner) to say to him "Now that you are three years old, you don't wear diapers any more" and plopped on some underwear and that was that and we haven't looked back. Pretty un-eventful actually. I had to make myself not put anything on it and exude 100% confidence that enough was enough already and he notices that I mean business and there you go.
Actually I decided to try what my friend Stacy had told me and to knock off all the baby stuff at once. No more bottles, crib or diapers all at the same time. She had an interesting point that one baby thing could hold back the others and you know...I think she was right! We graduated Luke to a big bed, kicked the bottle habit (right around his birthday so that he could replace the bottles with all his new toys) and dropped the diapers. All is going REALLLLY well!
He is on day #3 of it and things are going quite well! He seems to time #2 for nap times when he is wearing a diaper so that he doesn't have to use the potty for that. NEVER underestimate the IQ of a child. That is one smart hombre. :) So, wish us luck with the rest of the week! We made our first car trip using only underwear (before that underwear were an at home thing only) and next is a trip out on the town using only underwear. YAY!!!!!!!
THANK YOU to the potty training gods! :)

The Big Move

Okay so we are moving this weekend and the only thing I can say is a quote from my dad...
"I would rather be beaten to death than move"
Well put dad, well put. :) Actually there is a lot about our particular move that is liberating. Since we will be dramatically reducing the amount of space we will have this forces us to decide "Is that worth paying to have stored??" which makes us inspect each item differently. Which has resulted in an ever growing trash pile outback! That's right - this is trash pile #3 from our house since we have owned it! Try it sometime (not the trash pile but the throwing away of stuff)! It's actually incredibly liberating to throw stuff away!!! It's amazing I actually have more energy and feel happier. Weird how that works.
So as of July 4th we will have a new address and phone number. Contact me via email (which will stay the same) to get it.
That's funny that our move coincides with the 4th of July. Because this is our first huge step to independence too. In many different ways. Sounds corny, but whatever.....it's true.