January 20, 2010

A little love is a brewing

This is Charlotte and her husband Randall.

Yes, I did type h-u-s-b-a-n-d.

I was informed of this arrangement a few months ago. Can't say I saw that one coming so soon.
God bless their teacher though, listen to this scenario I witnessed.

The teachers and I are standing outside in the playground and up runs Charlotte and Randall.
The kids' teacher's name is Cecilia.

Randall: Joe is being really mean.
Charlotte: Ya, Joe hit my hand.

Cecilia: Oh, what was happening that Joe wanted to hit your hand?

Randall: Well, Charlotte and I were pinky swearing that when we grow up we are going to get married, and then Joe hits Charlotte's hand away while we are doing that.

Cecilia: (with a bit of a smile but perfect delivery) Oh I see. Well the thing is Randall, I know Charlotte's dad and he is not going to let you marry Charlotte unless you grow up and have a house of your own,  a car and a really good job that makes money. Do you have those things now?

Randall: Nooooo

Cecilia: Then I guess you better grow up and get those things first before you talk about marriage.


Riding solo(ish)

Our girl rides her bike without training wheels!!! Yeehaw!!!

Go check out the video right now, we'll wait.

No really, click on that link up there. It's super cute.

January 15, 2010

Violet attacks (with love)

John loves Violet.
 And Violet loves John.
It's pretty amazing to me to watch how MUCH they dig each other.

And they are going to KEEP coming, because this is just a whole lotta cute.

And then she attacked Grammy with kisses. It was an affectionate night.

We love you Vi!

January 10, 2010

why thank you darling

A few days ago Charlotte says to me while I am getting her ready for a bath:

Mommy, you are the best and cutest mommy in the whole world. Even the devil world. All the worlds, you are the best mommy."