February 27, 2012

Birthday - Juan style

While I must admit I was a doubter...
John's birthday was a lot of fun.

He wanted to treat all his peeps to Starbucks
and then walk over for fresh Kripy Kreme Doughnuts.

Indulgent? Yes
Caloric nightmare? Yes
Childish? Yes
Fantastic? YES!

Oh and I love this picture our friend Chris took. His wife saves my marriage. She and John can be their true gross selves around each other and I don't have to take part.
She is also one of my best friends.

But the point is - dear husband - I love you. I love your style.
And I loved your birthday. xoxo

February 22, 2012

Brotherly love

 Pictures are just worth a thousand words....
Dang do I love these boys.
Love you both to death!

Donkey Kong

WARNING: This illustration may induce unstoppable laughter that results in stomach cramps, rolling on the floor and possibly wetting yourself. Or maybe that was just me.

Please click on the below picture to get a better close-up view.

This was posted on a Facebook group I am part of and when I saw it I was lying in bed minding my own business. Next to me John was watching a movie or some such thing. As I started to read the headings and really look at the details of each sleep position I started to chuckle, then full out belly laugh, then I was sob-laughing so hard I could barely breath and was worried for the safety of my belly baby. I could NOT stop laughing for a full 5 or more minutes. I can't remember laughing that hard. I am laughing now just glancing up. Seriously people?!? This is good parent humor!

My absolute favorite is Donkey Kong. Why?? John and I have slept too many nights this way sacrificing what is rightfully our bed for the sake of a good night sleep for our precious babe. Oh lordy. LOL LOL Ok and how much do you love "Stalker" OH MY GOD! Ok I am off in crazy sob/laugh land again.

My dearest children, if you EVER question if we love you - please stare at the above drawing and KNOW we do and did.

xo, Mom

February 5, 2012


(taken from an email I sent a relative August 2010)

Funny story: John comes into the bedroom as I am putting away yet another laundry basket full of kid's clothes and starts: 

J: "So after this baby (William) we are having ONE MORE and that's it."

A: "I think that's a good plan" 

J: "But you know, if something happened and we had 5 it wouldn't be that big of a deal, you know we would love it" 

A: "So the whole point of this conversation was....what?" 

He laughed and walked out

For a guy who swore he wouldn't have any kids he's turning into quite the breeder.

My baby girl - 7 Years Old

Dearest Lovely girl,

You turned seven years old today. Sniff, sniff. While I have moments of always feeling you've been around I seriously can't believe you are seven. SEVEN. S-E-V-E-N. It's the strangest thing ever. You are growing up so quickly. Your very face has changed tremendously since last year. Longer, leaner, more and more like a lady - with a little teenage 'tude thrown in for good measure now and then. I love you my darling girl. 


February 2, 2012

Keeping it real

I would like you to take a long hard look at this picture - specifically the baby.

Now look again.

Does it get more white trash?!?!?!????

Let's start at the top shall we??
1) Needs a hair cut
2) Chipped tooth
3) Snot coming down face
4) No clothes
5) Holding FLY SWATTERS! Not one - because that is surely not disgusting enough - but TWO!
(They are clean BTW - and reserved specifically for your play as you LOVE them. But still.....)
5) No shoes
6) If you could see the back of his diaper he was just sitting in the dirt - so there's a nice brown spot.

Oh man - I would usually never in a million years post something like this but for the love of all things classy - this one takes the cake. :)

I love you little one. White trash and all.

(My son - please note - just in case whilst reading this you thought it was a snapshot at everyday life. I assure you tis not!)