December 31, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

Family portrait - nailed it! :) 

Ok now that's better!

"dat twee is weally huge!"


At Nana's for Christmas dinner. My favorite!

excited about her new chair!

Loves his chair too!

November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Since we all know I am not the best at keeping up with this blog I thought I would just record a little moment I had handy from TG that is kinda awesome.

Let's hope I add more to this post. But if I don't……..this pic makes me kinda ok with that. Muuuhahahahahaa

October 27, 2013

William's Farm 3rd Bday

Happy Buuuurdays are W's favorite things to do. You ask him that question - and that's the response you will get. So my older kids were helping him count down the days this past month to his very own. Needless to say he was in great spirits (which is not always the case when your other nick name is Mr. Grump Face)

But before I get into the meat of this post - I need to talk about Pinterest. I know this is an odd thing to include - but it needed to be. I already loved Pinterest (what is that?!) but using it to help plan a themed party - indispensable, incredible, amazing. Thank you to all the lovely, talented moms out there who created amazing farm birthdays and shared them - so that I didn't have to use one single creative muscle - just copy :) Ok.....maybe I used that muscle a little.

And before I go much further - I need to shout out to all my family and friends that, clearly, really love us for this farm was a good 45 minutes away.....AND it was early Sunday AM. That's love people....that's love.

And before I go even further......I need to shout out to my sister who actually enjoys slaving over parties with me. She is my partner in party awesomeness and NOTHING would happen without her.

And my husband (oh my god I could do this all day, it's not like it's an academy award or something, geez - get over yourself already!!!!) He is so supportive of my "party crazies" he knows there is a certain gleam that enters my eyeballs about 36 hours before a party and he just silently helps. <3 br="" nbsp="">

But the final note is - I don't have the time to caption every picture. It was a great, great party. 

Savannie cutie pants

Imburgia girls

This was a fun food spread. :)

Savannah & her good friend Lilly