January 19, 2013

Movie Fest

Movies from my childhood I want to watch with the kids:

E.T. (no childhood is complete)
Willow (my favorite from childhood)
Marry Poppins 
Sound of Music
The Wizard of Oz
The Neverending Story
The Labyrinth 

More recent:
Stardust (magic!)

January 1, 2013

AZ Trip - Day 4

On Saturday we went to Aunt Karie's house. Her eldest son, Forrest (on Mission right now) was/is John's first love. ;)
Karie in all her brilliantness - uses wrapping paper as table cloths! So smart!


Aunt Angie came over and brought supplies to make rockets. The kids had a blast....get it? :)
See my finger in all these pics......arrgh! You think I'd learn my lesson!

Guess what the boys did....airsoft war.

Aunt Karie with the patience of a saint - shows Charlotte how to make pizza and cut it out to  make fun shapes. 

My niece Cassidy made vegetarian sandwiches....
1 slice swiss
1 slice mozzarella
pesto sauce
fresh spinach

Their neighbor had this awesome candy cane decor. WANT THIS! Looks like PVC pipe an white and red duct tape. John my love, make this for me please.

Jen informed me she was making me a special dinner. John got pretty excited and was dancing for her. :)

This is the part where Jen sets the brandy on fire. On purpose.

We yelled - "Look Kids!"

To which they all came over from the movie.

Thanks Jen. The brandy steak and avocado dip was AMAZING.

Ginger girls

Oh sweet baby girl......

Willsie hadn't been napping these past 3 days so at 5pm he was knocked out.

Out cold.

Goodbye AZ. We shall see you next year. It was amazing. Fun. Relaxing. And my tummy in still full.