February 13, 2010

Through the lens of a 6 year old

There is something a little frightening in handing over my big camera to a certain cocky, bossy six year old photographer. But whenever our kids show an interest in ANYTHING we are pretty much all over it, encouraging, making plans, dreaming of their successful careers.....

Anyway.....I found these pictures from today highly amusing. I love seeing the progress and vision change so drastically from the 1st picture to the last. I am super proud Lucas. 

Exhibit A
This is Luke's friend Jackson, swinging on our tree out front. I love that this pictures doesn't answer any basic questions like Who? Where? Why? LOL LOL

Alright, there is progress here dude. This almost answers who?
But then again maybe that is your message?
Do you ever really know who???

(And in your defense it was a moving swing....sorta hard to frame that one)

SCORE!!!!! I actually (except for the darn table in the background) DIG this picture! That look is hysterical.

Right on the money son. Well done!!

Wow, nice shot. love the lighting. love her concentrated face.

Wow.....what a sweet, sweet picture. Good lighting, nice pose, good job framing out most of the distracting background. You even moved over to get a better angle.


Life Goals

We were driving to the park this morning and here is the conversation that happened:

Luke: When I grow up I want to be a doctor.

Me: Really?? Wow, how cool! What kind of doctor? There are a lot of different kinds.

Luke: A skin doctor

Me: That is so cool!! 

Charlotte: When I grow up I just want to be a person.

Me: Just a person?

Charlotte: Uh huh

Me: Oh. What will you do during the day?

Charlotte: Eat popsicles