July 29, 2010

Playing tunes...soon to be that is

For a long, long time my mom and I have talked about moving down her piano that has been living at my Aunt's house up north. Fantasized, imagined, dreamed about. Never happened.

But when we knew the house we were going to move into, one of the first things I said to John was "A piano would fit perfectly right here" and he got all excited.  After that John would call me every few days and bug me "Did you call yet? Is the piano coming yet? I had no idea how much I wanted it until it was an actual possibility! CALL THEM!!!"

So I did.

And it came this week.

This is what it looked like right off the truck. Slightly alarming, no? 
How, HOW are they going to get that sucker off it's side? 
Will it crush the floors? 
Will they damage it? 
Stressful to watch I tell you.

But I was oh so wrong. The boys did a wonderful job setting it up and moving it around to my heart's desire as I sat there with my 8 month pregnant belly ordering them "3 inches to the right! Ummm, slightly towards me.  No back. No left."  :)

They were good sports.

And now the corner is occupied with our new member to the family. Furniture family that is. We love you antique baby grand piano. Please stay.

Charlotte blows me away

So we are sitting in the waiting room of our family dentist because, you my darling have been complaining of a toothache. And after I had you brush really well on the drive down there you asked for gum. And that's fine with me, we are a big gum chewing family. I figure all the help I can get on cleaning those pearly whites the better. But alas, I was super nice that day and give you TWO pieces of gum. And looky here what happened!!!

Is that the beginnings of a bubble?? A real, live, bubble gum bubble???

Yes! Yes it is!!! I am so proud of you!!!

July 15, 2010

New House

Welcome!!! This is our new house that we moved into July 1st. Pull into my driveway (it's huge) and stay awhile.  :)

If you were to walk up to my car you would see the front door on your left and the driveway door in front of you. I am going to take you into my backyard first so follow me through the driveway door.

Here we are. If you will notice there are two doors ahead. Far ahead that is. The one on the right is our office. It's a fairly large room and we are planning a guest area in there too. Sorry I can't show you right now as we are not done unloading boxes. More to come later.

That black mound is my BBQ. Sorry, it can be a bit of an eyesore.

The left door is to our laundry room and shed/garage area. It's quite spacious and I like it!!

Now this is what you would see if you were walking towards my office door and turned your head right. Fruit trees. Lemon, grapefruit and something else.

Hello pool! Our above ground pool is 18ft across and reaches Charlotte's shoulders. It's PERFECT. And the patio table and chairs make it perfect for me. :)

The ground is covered in fine gravel. I like it because it's pretty. John likes it because it doesn't need water.

We are now going to go back out my driveway door and through the front door. This is what you see if you look left.

And if you walked left and stood in the corner this is the angle you would behold. What's what you say? You love that white fuzzy bench. Let's take a closer look.

Hello white fuzzy bench. You are so comfy.

But let's sit on the couch instead and see the view from here. We have the coffee table in the bottom right, the front door over there and the dining room and kitchen.

So we have the kitchen bar first, but if you step around that you will see the fridge on your left, and turn around and I will show you the stove.

I always wanted a pots/pans holder above my stove. Cooking here makes me happy. Now turn around and let's look out.

You love that painting too? Let's take a closer look.

Awww....it's makes me smile when I see it.

More to come on the bedrooms as we get them more finished!! :) Thanks for stopping by!

July 12, 2010

Thank the heavens

Oh thank the heavens. There are 2 minutes that existed today where you two weren't fighting. Who knew you could still play nicely?!? After a huge dinner and a huge dessert of leftover birthday cake you sat on the fuzzy couch and played for a while without fighting. Did I mention you didn't fight AT ALL? It was so glorious it warranted a picture! ;)


Dear Char,

While finally downloading pictures tonight I came across about 27 pictures you took while Francesca (see other post) and I were unpacking boxes. And this one....oh man...this one got my heart strings. There is something so deliciously yummy about your still chubby 5 year old hand. I love that you wanted to capture it, I love the lighting, I love our new house in the background but I especially love the slight chub. Your figure is still a bit babyish my love and I love it. But mostly I love you!!!

July 11, 2010

7 years old

Hello my lovely son,

You are now 7 years old and loving it. This cake was made by the cake extraordinaire, Dorie Kinney. As usual you stared at this cake the whole way home and then stood in front of the outside fridge looking at it some more and then once I finally placed it on the food table you stared some more.

You love your birthday cakes.

Arrrrrr Me Matey! This year we had a pirate themed party for you with all the trimmings. Check your outfit. Nice one buddy!! We did a scavenger hunt for treasure, ate BBQ food, and walked the plank (swam in our above-ground pool).

This is what my 30 week baby belly looked like today. Not too shabby.

I made our family wear eye patches. What we do for love.

Char lassos a baby seal

I told you and Charlotte that you could eat some of the goodies out of the cake once everyone left (see the first picture and look closely) and so she kept asking the final guests "Are you leaving yet?" Ahhh my sweet girl, she is so meek and mannerly. hehe

Luke, you got a haul of Legos this year. It was so fun to see you opening the boxes with eyes like saucers and creating all these amazing ships and people. This this year marked something new. The idea of rare Legos and the introduction to internet shopping. You used some of your birthday money to order rare lego men online. I must say that's pretty grown up my man.

Daddy and I are so proud of you and think you are growing up to be a great man.

Thank you to all our family and friends for supporting his obsession, I mean interests. He is the Lego King!!!

July 5, 2010

Meet Francesca

This is Francesca but I call her Franni. She is one of my mother's helpers and I love her mucho. She is also a fellow Twilight junkie, is super sweet and is a teacher's aide in my kid's class. Did I mention I love her mucho?? She helped me unpack boxes, clean, organize and entertain the rascals so I could shop in the armpit of hell, I mean Ikea. I love Ikea but seriously......it can get to you. Wait but I LOVE FRANCESCA!

BTW Charlotte took this picture on her tour of the house. Good one Char!