May 30, 2010

What's up pretty lady

Hello lovely lady. Some mornings when you see me whip out my curling iron you ask to have your bangs curled. This is one such morning. Aren't you cute??
Yes, very cute.

I love how you rock those leggings. :) Such a cutie pie.

May 26, 2010

Bedtime routine

My Charlotte,

Your bedtime routine, like all parts of your life, is one you like to remain consistent. The exact routine changes periodically but whatever it is, it is sacred. Here are the holy rites as of present:

• You run into my bed and give me big googley eyes.

* I say "No Char, let's get your bed." We argue a bit.

* You finally concede and get in your bed.

* You have to sleep on the edge of the bed because there are "tarantulas near the wall" which means I get to crawl over you and lay down near the tarantulas. Seeing as how I am 6 months pregnant it's...awkward.

* We snuggle and then I must sing.

* The first song is Amazing Grace. Do you have any idea how hard that song is?? Slow and difficult, but pretty. And you like it.

* Next is "Oh my Darling." What a sad song! Who knew? And there are so many adult concepts in there that you have now learned as a result. Amazing the learning that comes by following your lead.

* Then you will usually fall asleep soon after but will sometimes entertain me with the goings on of your day. This is my favorite.

You are my favorite. I love you so very much.

xo, Momma

May 14, 2010

Forever sweet

I had a supremely wonderful mother's day. After 7 hectic and wonderful years of marriage John still knows, and actually knows better what I like and don't like.

For one I am really odd about commercial holidays (i.e. Valentine's Day and Mothers Day). I want to celebrate them, but not with commercial merchandise. I don't want John spending twice as much on flowers those days and I don't want chocolate in a heart shaped box. But I do like to decorate for Valentine's day. Yes, like I said - odd.

So this year John woke up really, really early and scavenged the neighborhood for flowers in season. 

Next he bought me an ultra practical gift - laminator that i have been wanting for years and years. He drove around and got the best price, researched it, etc. It was the perfect present for me.

Next he made me my favorite breakfast (french toast make with lots of egg, bacon and milk) and then we went and got our cars washed! My other favorite thing to do. :) 

I also got the cute cards and handprint gifts from the kids. And then we spent the afternoon organizing the shed (everyone knows I loooove to organize), being together as a family, watching Avitar with the kids and just hanging out. It was perfection.

On the way home from the car wash you kids crashed. See below.

And I don't know what there is about sleeping children. No matter the age, it's always cute.

Thank you so much for making me a mommy. 
I am proud and happy every day that it's me & you.