May 19, 2006


Alright so here are some things you might witness if you were to spend any length of time with Charlotte (our 1 year old):
Exhibit A) The "palm tree" ponytail. This is the only "do" she has at the moment but still totally cute. It's her signature high ponytail that sits right on top of her head looking like a fountain of hair, or as some put it, a palm tree.
Exhibit B) The one shoe on, one shoe off phenomenon. This has been happening from the beginning of time. Charlotte apparently has some secret desire to walk all weird because of the one shoe on, one shoe off awkwardness. It happens so often my mom just laughs now.
Exhibit C) Her obsession with shoes. Apparently getting to pick out her shoes is still the most exciting time of the day. If she gets to do it (watch out) all the more exciting. Usually it's two left shoes, one white sandal and one silver Maryjane. Oi vey!
Exhibit D) The silkie. This is her white (not so white anymore) blanket that is made of some magically soft silk or silk blend we got at Target (that they seem to have discontinued! help!). It is her favorite thing ever and she walks around with it a lot. When she's tired she grabs it with one hand and kind of rubs it on her face as she sucks her thumb. Sometimes she doesn't nap at all if she doesn't have it (like when it's almost black and I can't take it anymore and wash it). In case you weren't sure - no, there isn't anything cuter that that.
Exhibit E) Her "what's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine" mentality. Watch out folks, she's got a temper!!!!!
Exhibit F) The run, chase, tackle, pin down, scream, giggle, squirm and run again sequence we do EVERY TIME WE CHANGE HER DIAPER!!! And who says mom's don't exercise? Sheesh!
Baby Char-char (another Luke-ism), char-sheenie or tinkity-tink (compliments of my crazzzzy mother), Charlee (compliments of my mother-in-law), Boo, Charlee-girl, shnooker, love bug, lover-bugger, baby-bugger, queen bee, her highness (compliments of John), sniglet, sniggity-snug, and more I am sure. Are we crazy or what?!? Oh and my SIL (sister in law) Cec doesn't really have a nick name she just says "God that's cute" every time she sees her and then says "Gimme that!" the "that" being Charlotte.

May 16, 2006


Here's what you might hear if you hung out with Luke:
"No daddy, stay four more minutes!" (Why "four" and not five or even one? We have NO idea)
"Fotch me!" (this means "watch" me)
"Hi my shnookie-shnookie" (said to Charlotte because he is mimicking me!)
"Ess not otay, no do dat otay?" (meaning "it's not okay, don't do that okay?" said to anyone if they are doing something un-kosher)
"Mine!!" (no explanation needed there)
"Just wanna fotch a leettle bit, just a tinnnny bit ovv a veedeedo" (wants to watch a little bit of a video, to which is answer is almost always "nope, not tonight")
"I am a cuddly bear" (we call him that, for very obvious reasons)
"I don't can't" (pretty obvious but he feels the need to doubly inform you that basically, it's not gonna happen)
Oh and some nick names:
Lukey, Lukety-boookety, schoonkie-bear, cuddly-bear, blue-eyed flame, red head, flame-brain, Bubs, bubbers, bubbies, Luke-a-da-buke, and I am sure there are more...