December 2, 2011

How I get my holiday spirit

Two years ago I just wasn't feeling it in regards to holiday spirit. I was a tad cranky, tired of buying & buying presents, and just generally felt Scrouge-ish. 
"Ah-ha!" I said to myself. This calls for a dose of Santa!

So I dressed up the kids and hauled them down to the local mall for a little Santa action.
Last year I remembered this and again, and it did the trick. But since I procrastinated we waited in line for TWO hours. 

Not this year, I told myself. So on November 28th (woah!) I went down and did the deed. And I must say, it works for me like a charm.

I was hoping to not have to be in the pic this year, but William was NOT having anything to do with touching Santa. This has to be the best Santa likeness on earth. Go ahead, click on the picture to see a close up. It's the real deal I tell you.