June 22, 2013

Lucas's 10th Birthday

Happy birthday to my sweet (not so little) man
My breath is taken away. 10!!! What?!??!! I didn't actually sign on for anything past 5 so we are going to have to seriously have a talk. Like a go back in time talk.

June 16, 2013


I just finished watching the new movie Lincoln. It stars Daniel Day Lewis playing President Lincoln - for which he (Daniel) won the academy award for best actor. Well earned.

And this movie got me thinking - as most things do these days - about my life and parenting and raising the future leaders of American society.

Is it the fact that I turned 30 last year, or am about to turn 31 that has brought on all this soul searching?? Or is it just that I have been going through a lot lately? I sure as heck don't know - but I do know this.

I hope to God I do something meaningful with my life.
I hope to God I am not forgotten when I am gone.
I hope I make this world a better place for all time and that this lifetime is something I can be proud of.


I beg of you - use your life and energy for good. DO things with yourself you can be proud of.

Remember the incredible men and woman that came before you and fought for freedom in the face of unimaginable obsticales. 

A little heavy and deep? Maybe....Sometimes that's a good thing though.

It is every mother's prayer that her children will go on to do great things. I am no different. 

Lucas, you are so attentive to those around you and seek justice for everyone, even those that have wronged you.
Charlotte, you are so fiercely and uncompromisingly inquisitive and your heart hurts when others are hurting.
William & Savannah your full personalities are yet to be seen, but I sense rumblings. :)

Would I love nothing more than for you all to go on to be incredible, moral, strong leaders at the top of your industries? Of course. But remember great things come in large and small everyday packages. Acts of character, no matter the size are profound greatness. 

Acknowledge them in others and we will create a better world.

Here's to many packages of greatness - in all sizes. I love you fiercely.

June 1, 2013


When I think of all I have to get through, get done, cross off the list, etc. in a day - a little song comes to mind...

"When you try your best and you don't succeed...." 
Thanks Coldplay - y'all really know how to nail a busy homeschooling mom's dilemma on the head.

My feelings of failure were threatened to overwhelm, so I decided to stay up late and organize our homeschool cabinets, paperwork, etc. This always soothes my soul, warms my cold heart (muuuhaha), washes away the crazy in my eyes, brightens my Dark and Scary....you get the idea. 

And this is what a found. Pretty large stack of completed paperwork. Huh....feeling a little better already!

Then I decided to measure that sucker. 4 inches of paperwork the kids did so far!!! Not counting their math books, spelling books, stacks and stacks of silent reading books, history, science, etc. Wow - maybe the heavy heart 'twas all for naught?!

And then I organized it by week. And it covered a sizable chunk of my living room floor. 
Now, HOT DAMN!!! That's more like it.

Take that Dark and Scary feelings of failure!!!! That what an a*s beating looks like! Bam!!!!

You're the bomb!!! (and fun date night ideas)

"You're the bomb!"

This is how John says goodbye to most people. This is completely symbolic of his personality. He is the most nonjudgemental, funny, carefree, weird, laid back, hard-working, gross, amazing, insightful man I know. 

Damn........I just love ya honey!

Recently we've started dating a little more regularly (thank the lord). And since "dinner and a movie" does not foster nor nurture the strong relationship & bond I want....a little research 'twas in order.

I found a great list on this blog and wanted to record it for all time - with a few of my notes. Not all these ideas are my thing but who knows!

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”  -Dr. Seuss

 1. Make chocolate covered strawberries
2. Paris night: get a baguette, French wine, and cheese! (Not exactly Paleo friendly - but a good idea)
3. Read your favorite books to one another
4. Bake cookies together
5. Watch the sunrise, then make breakfast together
6. Attend a local soccer game (or football, basketball, or martial arts showcase. We were just talking about all the local games we could take the kids too - free & awesome entertainment!)
7. Watch an entire season of your fav TV show (not so much)
8. Go for a long drive
9. Planetarium
10. Art gallery
11. Play board games 
12. Movie
13. Visit garage sales
14. Volunteer for a homeless shelter
15. Go dancing (swing dancing!)
16. Go to the driving range (oh hells yes!)
17. Build a snowman 
18. Ride go-carts
19. Rent a movie
20. Have a carpet picnic
21. Go to an arcade
22. Play Frisbee
23. Go kayaking
24. Go ice skating
25. Visit the pumpkin farm
26. Go to a forest preserve
27. Go to ballet performance (LOL riiiiight)
28. Visit a place listed in an entertainment book
29. Bike riding
30. Study social media marketing
31. Bowling
32. Haunted house 
33. Out for coffee
34. Visit a flea market
35. Play bingo
36. Go to an opera
37. Swing by a bookstore (just like our first date <3 font="">
38. Visit another city (yes please)
39. Go hear jazz or reggae
40. See an NBA game                                                                                                                          41. Play in the batting cages (so I can be 4/50 again? hmmmm)                                                                                                                  42. Vegas anyone, lol?
43. Piano bar
44. Visit a nursing home and hand out flowers to everyone
45. Have lunch at a trendy new restaurant
46. Grab a fish fry
47. Grab a pint at an Irish pub
48. Chinese food and DVDs – the perfect mix
49. Attend a poetry reading 
50. Attend an author reading from their latest fiction work
51. Go antiquing
52. Go out for drinks
53. Visit a winery
54. Attend a painting class
55. Visit an animal shelter – you may come home with a new pet (dangerous)
56. Go for a carriage ride
57. Visit the tourist spots in your hometown
58. Take a trip to the hobby store – pick out a project to work on for the afternoon
59. Take a walk – around a lake, in the moonlight, by the river, on the beach
60. Go to a festival
62. Create a scrapbook
61. Go to a shrimp boil
63. Attend a matinee
64. Visit the zoo
65. Go see a local band
66. Have lunch at a church festival
67. Go camping
68. Go hiking
69. Go rock climbing
70. Play croquet
71. Attend a farmer’s market
72. Have dinner at a new place
73. Try out a new cuisine
75. Take part in a community theater performance
74. Go strawberry picking or visit an apple orchard
76. Attend a live, outdoor music night in your town
77. Go see fireworks

Some of my ideas:

78. Take a weekend course at Front Site
79. Play tennis or racketball at our local park or YMCA
80. Listen to a good lecture & talk about it afterwards
81. Rollerblading or bike riding on the beach
82. Shady hike near water
83. Martial Arts or weapons class
84. Comedy show
85. Small venue to see whatever local bands are playing