July 29, 2011

Harry Potter's Influence

Recently we have been reading the first Harry Potter book to the kids before bed. It's the first time I have been inspired to battle falling asleep while reading to the kids at night. I LOVE the Harry Potter books and now the kids do too. After a few nights of this John started to read to them too and he got hooked. Like up-until-1am hooked. And then the texts started......oh the texts. Here is a sampling of what John started to text me throughout the day over the following few weeks. I laughed so hard while typing these up again.

"Your mom's a toad and your dad's a muggle"

"I caught the guinea pig performing magic last night. I think he's really a house elf and works for Malfoy. We're safe. I fed him magic mushrooms, it took all his power away. But he is hallucinating now. I had some myself, good stuff. "

"Voldemort lives!! I caught him sucking the blood out of our trash can last nite. I spit poisoned vomit on him but it only scared him away. We need to be ready when he comes back. I think he is after you!!! I fear he wants your cuticles. He will be vulnerable until he gets them. We must act fast."

"Well, I saw Voldemort today. He was disguised as an old real estate agent woman. I was 9 minutes early to my inspection and she/he complained bitterly about me being 20 minutes early! Evil incarnate. I kicked it where it really counts, but before I could cast my death spell it disappeared. I have a feeling I will be seeing HIM again!!!"

"I am so hungry I tried to eat a toad. But when I picked it up it turned into one of Voldemort's house elves. It disappeared before I had a chance to kill it. We need to watch out people, Voldemort is everywhere! And boy I am hungry"

"The Italian witches say it's okay to drop off your chariot for revitalization of it's magical cooling unit" (his way of telling me to drop off my car to get the A/C looked at)

"I must have killed over 10 evil witches this morning. He's just trying to get to you. He knows I have a protective curse that keeps my family safe. But I can't stop him from irritating us. He truly is a freaking jerk. He gave William his port wine stain birth mark when he refused to turn evil. William may be the only one that can kill him but I will keep trying. "

"I saw Dumbledore today. He was sitting on top of a damaged chimney. He didn't know it was damage but boy was he scared when I pushed on it and knocked him off. He dropped his invisibility cloak and then I saw him. That's when I discovered Dumbledore is a bit of a streaker. He had nothing on but his tennis shoes."

My dear lover man, I love your sense of humor these days. You make me laugh. And I love you for it.

July 18, 2011

Utah Vaca - A pictorial story - Part 1

Upon arrival to LeBaron country Charlotte started to rattle off her list of "must do" items. Aunt Olivia being ever so accommodating helped provide. Here are the girls - Amy, Charlotte and Kimberly.
Amy is a few weeks older than Charlotte and the sweetest thing ever. And Kimberly is 10 I think and an amazing person - she was the resident camp counselor while we were there organizing all sorts of fun games.

Item #1: Horseback ride.
This little trip around the property (that's an understatement) was heaven for our girl. This also prompted many, many a conversation throughout the rest of the trip. 

My girl was in heaven. H-E-A-V-E-N.

Doesn't this look like "old man farmer and son" ??? 
Hahaaaaa This cracked me up. The boys are watching the chickens run around out back.
They were so so pretty. Us city folk were mesmerized.

Oh Noel - you are so charming and funny. All of the older cousins are some of the coolest teenagers. I attribute this to some of the coolest parenting. It really is amazing to sit back and watch the household run. Everything seems easy-going and smooth. 

I like to call this pic " fun with terror"

Well this is all still day #1. We packed it in.
The kids and John had a blast ATVing. I was able to sneak away with just John and ride around too.  It was bliss. I felt like we were dating again.

My handsome boy on our twilight walk.

Amy was determined to keep up with the ATVers. Good luck Amy. 
You are super cute BTW.

Me and my boy. I love this shot. 
(I only wish I was carrying the last 20 lbs of baby weight in my face. *sigh*)

Listen you ATV freaks - it's almost dark! Come in now!!!
Day #2, Reservoir - or for the locals it's "The Res"
We had 2 wave runners and a boat. If I hadn't been out there having fun there would be more pics.
But basically John would NOT come in. The man was like a little kid. He was having the time of his life. The kids enjoyed it but John was just ecstatic.

Day #3 Canal
All the fields in the country area are irrigated by canals.
And all the country kids in the area swim in these canals.
My city people had a hard time grasping this. 
This picture cracks me up more than anything. Luke was disgusted with the soft, mushy wet bottom. Spoiled city folk! :) And John - muuuhahaa your face John!! The water is cold and the ground muddy and he's not happy. heheheeee
Oh how my baby wants to go in the water. Eventually he makes it.

I love this shot. We were all piled into the RV on the way to Lehman Caves and Olivia's morning sickness dictated nachos and chocolate. Always eager to please all the kids agreed that was an important pitstop. :) Here her youngest are sharing a chocolate bar. So sweet.

Lehman Caves was super cool. Literally and figuratively. It was 50 degrees down there and very beautiful. We learned a lot about stalagmites and stalactites and the history in general. Back in the day they held parties down there to beat the heat.

more to come soon.....

July 15, 2011


We had a great summer in our "pool" this year. I dare not call it a real pool so as not to offend those that have them. But at 18 feet diameter I say it almost counts. :)

This summer was Will's first and he had a BLAST as water is his favorite source of entertainment and joy. You older kids had a great time on the platform daddy built and were having the time of your life running and jumping off with friends.

 His new floaty. Fun for about 2 minutes :0)
 Because being with daddy is waaaay better.

 You are quite goggleicious my love
 I think this was your first attempt at platform jumping. We counted down no less that 17 times before you actually took the plunge. Literally. 
 Oh for the love of all things cute. You my baby, put the fever in baby fever.
 Charlotte and her friend Katie.
 Charlotte and friends getting ready to jump.