June 25, 2012

Slither like me

When I came to get you here is what was going on. I am a mean and horrible mother because I stood by and took pictures instead of picking you up. 
Check you out!!! Slithering up your bassinet and out of your clothes!
You are my little caterpillar, expect you are already as beautiful as a butterfly.

June 7, 2012

To Do Lists & Untimely deaths

So I text John the other day that I really need some todo list items done. Things like killing a huge black widow in the sports closet and putting batteries in the baby swing. Here's what he emails back to me. The subject line is "Your husband's untimely death"

"He couldn't confront the list.
He heard there were no liars in heavan and made a choice.
He left you a list of things to do in the event of his death.  
They are as follows:   Raise my children as if they were your own.
Don't spend all the life insurance $ in one place.
Tell your dad to be cub scout den leader.
Weep daily now that he is gone.
He might come back if you shorten the list?"

Oh lover man - you kill me. Thank goodness for your sense of humor. As much as it kills me to admit it sometimes - it sure does help a LOT! xo