April 21, 2009

$92 and three hours

Okay Luke. Game on buddy.

I spent $92 and three hours yesterday devising a grand plan to get you motivated to produce! I brainstormed with daddy and Grammy and came up with what I think is a brilliant plan.

I created an in-house Lego Store!

We decided that one of our biggest downfalls is not having the agreed upon reward handy for you when you do a good job, therefore loosing momentum and motivation. Daddy came up with the idea of getting the stuff ahead of time and creating an in-house store was my idea.

I have assigned each lego kit a point value. I made a "price tag" on the back of the box informing you of the "cost". Each job/extra special good deed/school target made, etc. you do has a point value as well. Points = currency. And racking up production points = purchasing power at our lego store.

We are keeping track of this with an beautiful chart with magnents for each point. There are cool lego kit pictures I printed out to keep you inspired. :) We are two days into the game and you have 19 points. The first smallest kits start at 35 points and the bigger kits are 60 - 100 points.

You can do it!!!
Stay motivated!
Eat your vegges!
Make your targets at school!
Clean out your lunch box!
Set a good example!

And not only will you have mass quantities of everything lego, you will be on your way to a happy life. Production is the basis of moral, my cute little man. And high moral is definitely a component of happiness. And that is the whole point son. We want you to be happy.

Love you,

xo, Mom

April 19, 2009

Easter highlights


Thank you Easter Bunny!! We love that you knew about and indulged in Luke's obsession. These kits came from the Lego series "Power Miners." We're stoked.

April 18, 2009

The everything whisperer

Dear My Oh so Smart and Amazing Hubby,

I am so sorry I ever doubted you. A while back you had said that you are a bit of an "everything whisperer". This was said in passing some years ago and wasn't a haughty or egotistical comment, it was in context to what we had been talking about. You described this ability as a natural attraction of animals and children to you & a sort of peace in your presence. I must say I doubted you and blew you off a bit. Jealous? Noooo....okay maybe. Alright I was.

But now that we have been together for some years and I must eat crow and admit, you are quite amazing. This incident is of Jen's dog totally digging you, I am being literal, she was burrowing in your chest and neck. I was quite hysterical. Your nieces and nephews and children, and brother and sister in law....okay EVERYONE thought it was funny.

I don't know how you do it, but keep doing it. It's pretty cool.

PS Yes...this is my apology.



One morning while in AZ I came out to the kitchen and here is what greeted me. These are nasty joke teeth - like Halloween teeth. Some of Jen's kids (& mine too I think) had been wearing them the day before. I love that somebody ate cereal with them...and then left them there. Hysterical!

April 16, 2009

My mind is broken

A conversation that just happened in my kitchen:

Lucas: "Charlotte, what are you doing?"

Charlotte: "I don't know."

Lucas: "Are you just out of control? Or is your mind broken?"

Charlotte: (now singing) "My mind is broken, my mind is broken"

LOL Love that you guys are keeping it real.