December 23, 2010

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

We waited in line for you today at the Americana for 2 hours. I am not kidding. TWO HOURS. And I am thrilled (and still in disbelief) that all three of my children stayed on the "nice list" that whole time. William hung out in his stroller, ate, and took a nap. And Lucas and Charlotte ran around and played and were amazing kids.

It was absolutely worth it. After all this is Willies' first Christmas! And I am so, so happy that you are not a 20 year old Latino man this year. I love the Latinos, don't get me wrong. But last year, the 20 year old thing really got to me.

But that's getting off track.

What I was really writing to say is there is no need to get me anything this year. I have all I want for Christmas. The absolute best children, who bring me joy every day.


Dear Lucas,

You are very, very, very, very into Harry Potter.

You were Ron Weasley for Halloween (your friend Julian was Harry).

You want Harry Potter legos for Christmas. You also want a Harry Potter pop up book, and "Harry Potter kid books" (which Santa is sad to report don't exist).

You love to talk about different aspects of the movies all the time. You have a running commentary in your head and will all the sudden burst out some random fact. It's pretty hysterical.

Just now while playing "Harry Potter" pretend game you said to Charlotte after a long discussion on weather magic actually exists:

"Charlotte, we're muggles"

Haha. I found this hysterical.

Love you kid.

xo, Mom

December 15, 2010

Jackie Jammies

My sister's bio mom has been making jammies for all the kids around christmas time the past couple years. This year they were especially cute.

They are 3 1/2 years apart. ;)
I love, love, LOVE Will's expression. The whole thing is funny with the hat falling off, can't see Luke's eyes, etc. It's just the story of my life - embrace it!

December 4, 2010

lazy jew

If you read my post from 2008  you know that Lucas decided he wants to celebrate Hanukkah each year. This year, I am sad to report we are lazy jews. This is my sad and despicable attempt at lighting our menorah on night two. We did not have the proper candles and so little tea lights next to the menorah will have to do. Getting out of the house with all three of you is still a challenge. 

I promise to be more on top of it next year buddy. Oi vey!

(By the way, after a quick lesson on low lighting photography you took this photo, not too shabby!)

December 2, 2010

Cuddle Trio

 You older two will often argue about who gets to sit next to, cuddle next to, hold, and kiss baby.
Luckily it all worked out here. It's a really nice problem to have.
I love you guys.

Presidential Hair

So I am doing Charlotte's hair this morning and minding my own business and Luke says:

"Charlotte, your hair looks like that president"

My mind is working to think of what the heck president he's talking about....I know Bush is weird and a little slow, but pony tail braid? Never witnessed that who?

He then says "You know the one mom...the first president, George Washington!"

Muuuhahahhahaaaa I could not stop laughing. There is quite the resemblance going

And after lots of ensuring that she did not in fact look like a dead president I asked Char to strike a pose...

A few hysterical Charlotte-isms

Char: Mom, what does Santa Clause do?

Me: He oversees toy making, checks the list...twice, delivers toys
(internally I am cringing at the speed at which these lies are spewing forth)

Char: I think I'm both.....naughty and nice" she looks very worried by this.
(I am LAUGHING on the inside)

Me: It's ok honey, you are mostly good and that's what counts


A few days earlier

Charlotte's Santa Clause wish list:

"I want a...
real pup...
a kitten
or any
thing that's
alive But
not something
that lives in water"

(written exactly like that, formatting, spelling and all)

Green & Adorable

 In my effort to go green (and save money) we are cloth diapering you Willsie.
I know, I know - cloth diapers!?! But the cloth of today is almost like a disposable it's so easy and they are adorable!!! I love this picture. And I love cloth diapering (never thought I would be saying that).
 And here you are, keeping me company with your talking "a-goo" and "oooo coooo" Thanks Wills.
 Love all the prints we've got going here. Polka dots, guitars, stripes. A bit busy? Never
Oh Wills - you are too cute. I love when you do this with your hands. Thanks for being my baby.
xo, Mom