May 8, 2007

Where has the time gone?

Well I am the worst, worst, WORST blogger EVER!!!!!!! Sorry for the little vacation I took. Sheesh! :)

A lot has happened over the past several months. Charlotte talks in full and complete sentences and says please even when she's REALLY pissed at me. Like today she was crying her little baby eyes out and said "puuulease mama come with me!" LOL How can you resist that?

And Luke.......(sigh) he is just a gift from god that boy. Such a sweet, cuddly bear. Every single morning he comes into my bed and wakes me up whispering "mommy....let's cuddle, okay?" Even when it's painfully early you have to smile and accept. How can you not?

Here's a little picture of what we have been up to.

I am one lucky duck and don't I know it. Just look at them!!!!! Don't you want to eat 'em? My monsters play so well together (hold on...finding wood to knock on) I can't recommend enough having your kids close together. It's wild at first, but then you have a built in playmate.

What else....oh funny story. We were looking at a zoo magazine or newsletter and Luke was looking at pictures of the flamingos and said to me "Mommy......what do you think that maflingo is doing?" LOL

Another big news story.....Luke is playing permanent hooky these days. That's right, he's sworn off preschool and trying the hole homebody thing. And it's going well! That's the big news. I was a little scared at first......okay, okay I was shaking in my boots (never had them both home all day every day) and now we have our rhythm and I hired an awesome nanny to come like 12 hours a week to help out and things are groovin' right along. I LOVE it, I really love it. I miss preschool and all the teachers and kids and my friends.....maybe he'll want to go next year (crossing fingers).

Well, I am signing off good and tired. Hope you enjoyed the update!