January 30, 2012

Rambo Greeting

 If I ever get too serious or need things spiced up a bit in our daily routine - there's always John.
Oh Juan - how I love your sense of humor. I love that you will always be forever and eternally a 17 year old boy - kinda like Edward Cullen (LOL!)
Exhibit A: Rambo Greeting

The kids and I just pulled into the driveway from the library. As we got out of the car I noticed the door was open in front. Hmmm....odd. John's car was in the driveway but front door open was not like him. This is where I was slightly tipped off.

Next thing I know we are ALL being assaulted. No one is spared. Even the baby.

As he keeps shooting us and as we are all running around looking for cover we just can't stop laughing. I am laughing so hard I might fall over. More and more guns keep being pulled from places. And oh the sound effects. Glorious.

The likeness is uncanny (not) but the effect was awesome. I especially love your neck tie headband. Nice touch. I am so happy I married you. xoxo

Update on Wills

It's been a while since I have updated your general day-to-day life my little man.

1) You have given up afternoon naps :( It was bound to happen and happen it did, but it's always a tad hard on the momma when it does. So now you nap once a day usually around 11AM and for about 2 hours or more.

2) You still are SUPER picky in the food department. You are a strange, strange little eater. You pretty much have to be force fed the first bit or two and then you will eat a small range of foods - applesauce, soups, yogurt. You will feed yourself rice, cheesy eggs (finally!!), sausage, toast with jelly, apples, and pancakes. You still prefer an adult glass with a straw over a sippy cup, and you still love my vegetable and fruit protein shakes.  It's still tough going.......

3) You still are a tricky sleeper at night. You did pretty darn from from about 10 months to about Christmas time, and then all your molars starting coming in and it was shot to heck. :(( So you wake about once a night right now even if we give you homeopathic teething stuff. And your daddy hattttes to hear you cry so there is no "cry it out" happening right now.

4) You still love stuffed animals and fuzzy blankets and cuddle and lay on them when you get the chance. It's so adorable. And your older siblings didn't really do this.

5) You still LOVE to be outside. We finally got smart and realized if we keep the backdoor propped open you are a very happy camper. You now come and go as you please. At first it was 80% outside and 20% in, but now that you are used to your freedom it's about 50/50. PS - your college fund is going to heating and cooling the house - thought you should know. :)

6) You are soooooo adventurous. It's a bit scary. Ok so it scares the living crap out of your dad and I. You love to climb ladders, chairs, stools. You love to throw rocks, blocks, and hit with swords. You love to shoot nerf guns (by that we are very impressed), fly toy helicopters, and create wads of wet toilet paper art on the walls. You are a crazy dare devil little mischief maker - without an evil bone in your body. We love you for it.

7) You HATE having your diaper changed. Very different from the infant who used to love it.

8) You are on a new homemade formula - the Weston A. Price Formula which is made from raw milk and other awesome vitamins and oils and you are doing great on it!

9) You grow out of shoes so fast it's craziness and I am SO thankful for hand-me-downs.

10) Your new fav food is frozen raspberries and fresh blueberries.

11) Your fav toy of the moment is the nerf gun you can actually shoot (we help cock it). It's hysterical to watch you run around shooting people.

12) You dislike baby songs. I found this out by watching your face as I changed back and forth between my music and my "kid" music. It was boredom to dance party and back again. HYSTERICAL!

13) You still are in deep love with your dad. Head over heels, only one for you, soul mate kinda love. 

14) You are amazing. And we love you madly.


January 16, 2012

You're breaking my heart

Oh Willsie - you're breaking my heart. How am I ever supposed to let you grow up when you do things like this to me?? The cute factor is 10x today. The shabby chic jacket and skinny jeans - (sigh).
If this was the first time I saw you it would most definitely be love at first sight.

January 9, 2012

Christmas 2011 - Part I

Cooties. Yes cooties. You can tell time has passed in more ways that one with this picture. This year even his sister has cooties. :)

While making cookies with the Reinharts William discovers he can paint his mouth with frosting!
"PAINT MY MOUTH WITH FROSTING?!??!!!!!!!" he exclaims!

I love this picture. Love love love it. William and Nana light the candles for Christmas Eve dinner.
This was my first time hosting and it went over pretty darn well. 
Nothing is like Jennifer's Christmas dinner - but why both trying to compare - pure silliness.

Love this pic. Awww....my Christmas Eve family.....love you guys.
A BIG shout out to Cec for taking it.

John, Cec, Jerrol. Pretty strong family resemblance.

Nana and Papa have the coolest Christmas hats.

Oh aunties and uncles you are so wonderful at indulging the children. Thank you, thank you!

Love my peeps. Thanks for making Christmas Eve wonderful.

Walk a mile - or four kids - in these shoes

I love when pictures can speak volumes. This is such a special picture to me and probably no one else will "get it."
I love how much this says about my family.

I first bought these shoes for my first - Lucas as his first pair. My mom was there and so was John and we took pictures galore.
I saved them when he grew out.

Then along came Charlotte. These were not her first
as she was a tad more petite than Lucas, but she wore them too.

Along came William. These were his first
and as you can tell he falls - a lot. :)
He is now done with them and I am going to clean them up for
 baby #4 due pretty soon.

These shoes will have all my babies in them.
These shoes show I am obsessive about saving for future babies :)
These shoes show we are frugal.
These shoes are classic.
I love these shoes.