July 14, 2008

We Moved

We moved!! Amazing how you forget how hard, dirty and horrible moving is!! Holy moly. I have never seen John work so hard in his life. Of course I helped a lot but i give him most of the credit. Such an amazing husband. And he never complained once!!

The plan:

We moved back into my parents house. We have finally mustered up the strength to do what we originally planned a few years back and build an addition on their house. I am really excited about it and so is John. When it's done our portion of the house will be between 2500 and 3000sf so we won't be hurting for space - have to allow for family expansion (not in the near future though). The next step is to have our drafter/architect contact LA City and see how far out we can build, that is, now close to property line we can come (that will tell us a lot) and then we will have a geological inspection and find out how far down we have to dig to hit bedrock. Those two pieces of info will be make/break points - but we are planning on "make" as this allows us to achieve our dream.

If anyone has tips or ideas on creating a house that is easy to clean and virtually indestructible, please pass them on!! I know there are ways to create that, and that is my #1 goal, right up there with budget and beauty. :)

Charlotte has a baby in her tummy

Today and every day for the past week Charlotte has declared rather dramatically "Mommy, I have a baby in my tummy and she REALLY wants to come out"

She's so serious about it too. Freaking hysterical.

Oh and Lucas asked the question I have been waiting for with baited breath "Mom, HOW do you make babies? I know they grow in the mommy's tummy, but HOW do you MAKE them?"

Oi vey!!

July 8, 2008

I take it personally

Excerpt from Charlotte's Journal:
July 21 08

Ya know, for some strange reason I seem to take it personally when you grow out of clothes. I mean seriously, who gave you permission to grow up so fast?!?

There is a funny process of denial: continuing to stuff your buns into underwear too small, declaring "pants can become capris, no problem!" and attempting to stretch shirts down over your cute tum-tum. While it is sort of funny there is a tiny bit of sadness in this last ditch attempt to keep you small.

After denial comes the wake up moment that you are borderlining on looking unkempt and unloved and that it's time to pack up the too-small clothes and move on.

Then there is the "last wash" where you wash the clothes one last time and fold them nicer than you ever have before and do a quick sigh while you flash through some good times you had in them and quickly pack them away for hand-me-downs before anyone sees reminiscent tears in your eyes.

And then there is the exciting "have to buy bigger clothes" shopping trip. And while that is fun, the whole thing is hard!!!
The letting go process starts way earlier than I dreamed. Boohoo! (I'll be over it in a half hour, don't worry about me)