February 17, 2009


About a week before Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday I was picking Charlotte up from school. We got in the car and while driving she announced:

"On Monday we are celebrating a dead man."

Comments like these are not uncommon. Charlotte asks the most bizarre and grownup questions, forcing me to become accustom to this. In fact, I would say a full 1/3 of our time together is spent with me grappling for appropriate answers to the questions she has come up with regarding reincarnation, death, the responsibilities of a motherhood, right and wrong, childbirth, etc.

My response to this little gem:

"Oooh, you mean Martin Luther King, Jr.?"

Charlotte: "Yah. He's dead right?"

Cut to Friday afternoon. Charlotte hands me a profile picture she has colored of the said man. While handing it to me she nods towards it (like a politician) and states the obvious:

"The dead man."

(For those offended by this, my apologies. She had a long lesson about the amazing things he has done, so don't worry. My purpose here is not to review his greatness, but show some insight into Charlotte's amazing and hysterical sense of humor).

February 9, 2009

Bucket of Ice

At Charlotte birthday party a few weeks ago her friend Ava brought her a bucket of ice from a snow trip from earlier that day. SO COOL!!! Charlotte was floored. She loves eating snow.

February 6, 2009

Luke has been into this Ben Ten person. Since we don't watch regular TV his knowledge of Ben Ten is from kids at school and then stuff he makes up I'm sure. Anyway, pictured here is his second Ben Ten watch. Charlotte bought it for him when she did her birthday shopping with Nana. So thoughtful!