August 31, 2013

Savannah Olivia Marie....babyhood recorded

 Normal people might look at a broken pacifier and do the logical....throw it away.
But not I. Just can't bring myself to do it. 
It made my breath catch & my heart seize up. 
It was the reminder that I had tried to forget..... your baby stage has officially come to an end. Sadness.
And while I can't freeze you in this stage I can at least recap for all time some memorable tidbits.

So, in no particular order....

You - of all my children - love your pacifier so, so much and that was abundantly clear early on. 

Oh sweet baby jesus - that's a scrumpy face at 5 days old. I wish I could go back and nestle you for another seven thousand minutes. *sigh* You were a sweet momma's girl kinda baby. Loved to be held!

You love, love baby dolls and baby strollers. This again was clear very early on. Your sister was not quite this way. 

I will never forget the distinct sense that you were an answer to a prayer. And that too was apparent right away.

There are few things in this world you love more than moi. And that's Grammy and Lilly Dohring. You just love her - and her mommy. Whenever we are with them you want to touch Lilly and have Lauren hold you. It's pretty funny.

Crazy hair. I am always running after you trying to tame that mane. Girlfriend has GOT some hair! I love this braid pic -    it's your first one! Awwww

You are mischievous. Just a tad. In your sweet baby's a funny combo. But girl - you have got some LUNGS on you. Willsie has "taught" you well. Luckily that is tempered by your great sense of humor & happy outlook.

You love to be RIGHT UP in my business. Literally. If I'm doing it, so must you.
Dishes. Office work. Scrubbing the floor. Laundry room. Bathroom. Eating.
There you are.

Speak of eating. You can EAT! Anything and everything. And anyone who watches you says the same. It doesn't matter if you just had a full meal - if someone is sitting down to eat 5 minutes later - you must, must, must partake.  Although recently you have figured out that the snack cabinet has glorious and usually sweet things in it (dried fruit, bars, crackers) and you want to eat from there as much as possible. 

The princess and the.....pee? hehehe You love the chickens but you especially love playing with Willsie. And that's sayin something cuz that buddy guy can have a playtime temper. Tough cookie.

You got your teeth very similar to Charlotte.
Starting at 6 months it was about 2 teeth every 2 weeks. Crazy times!
This past stint was about 8 teeth in 6 weeks. Sleep became.....optional?

I have dressed you in as many bows, ribbons, lace and generally pink outfits as possible. I never really did that with Charlotte. She had quite the wardrobe of awesomeness - but you have been different. Girly. I like.

I nursed you the longest. 16 months. Hippie moms rejoice!
We just stopped this week. I will admit sheepishly it was kind hard on me. 
I never ever thought I would do that. Actually kinda judged people who did.
Just add that to the list of "judged others and then did/had happen to self" list. But wait here's another....

You are the only child I have baby wore. Again, I judged others that did this. WHY not put the baby down?? Well I did and do, but I threw all my fixed ideas of "must train babies to be independent" out the window with #4. I still DO NOT have babies sleep in my bed - but baby wearing became normal. As in, carted you around in a baby wearing contraption. I knew I had to get you used to something early on and this time I chose the Ergo. Or rather it chose me. It was love at first wear. I had finally found something that didn't hurt my back and allowed me to hold my baby while keeping hands free. Say it with me friends. E-R-G-O. It's how this whole past year of fun, cooking, outtings, etc. has happened. Thanks Ergo. 

You are NOT a lover of the baths. There are very, very few pictures of you enjoying this time of the day. Unlike Willsie who still loves to take 2-4 baths a day. You like/must have me sitting with my feet IN the bath with 1-2 hands on you at all times. If I follow the above guidelines you have a dandy time. If I do not - you will scream. Bloody murder. It keeps life interesting.

Vital Stats:

2 days: 7.2 lbs.

2 weeks: 8.11 lbs.
21 1/2 inches

6 weeks:
Daddy told me to have you tested to see if you were in fact a snake - you had the worst baby acne ever.

2 months: 11 lb. 10 oz 75% percentile
22.5 inches 73% percentile
As sweet as can be. Smiling and starting to coo & gurgle. Sleeping 8pm - 4AM

Rolled over: 3.5 months

4 month exam: 13.12 lbs.
24.5 inches

9 month exam:
17.12 lbs.
28 inches

12 months visit:
20.6 lbs.
Just started to walk!

First word - Dada (of course) 11 months

What you are saying these days:
August 2013 - 16 months

Do-deee (doggie) or sometimes it's "god-eee"
No no no
Me me me
(this is used for when you want something - usually a sip of water or to be held)