March 18, 2010

Luke, use the force!

Luke is a lucky dog. He's lucky because he has a Nana who can sew. She won't admit it, but she is a ROCKIN seamstress. Luke was invited to a Star Wars birthday party (what 6 year old could as for more) and he wanted an Obi Wan Kenobi costume. So my mom and Jeniffer put their heads together and this is what they came up with.
I thought it was AMAZING how they not only captured the costume detail but were able to transform Lucas into an older, taller, man with facial hair! Incredible!!! 

Oh...wait. Sorry. That was their inspirational picture. The real ones are below.

Like I said, lucky dog!

March 7, 2010


"Darn it Luke! Take your hand out of your mouth please!"

These words have been uttered several times in the last three months, because frankly, you have been wiggling that sucker nonstop. It's a miracle it didn't come out sooner with all that outside assistance, but we are absolutely overjoyed for you buddy. You are now on to wiggling the one next to it. :)

March 4, 2010

Baby Petersen

I am soooo happy for baby Petersen to join us. For many reasons:

One: Cuz he's cute

Two: He is my best friend's first baby

Three: He closes the one final gap that Johanna and I had left - motherhood. For a while I was the married one, the one with a house, the one with children, and a big mom car. And slowly (and in her defense - at a much more normal rate) she has been hitting all her life milestones too. Now she is right there with me. It's so lovely.

I love Jack

New fixings for a LeBaron Sandwich

We are so excited to report we have a new LeBaron in the oven. This week is 12 weeks - a very important milestone and we are getting very, very, very excited. Hurry September hurry!

Upon sharing the news with the kids we had some interesting conversation:

Charlotte: Ohhhhhhhh, is that why you have a little bit fat?

Lucas: I really like babies you know.

And we have had some interesting name suggestions from the kids as well.

Charlotte votes: Ashley

Lucas votes: Diego

And our latest conversation is where the baby will fit in the family sandwich. This requires a little backstory:

Very often we find our whole family in John's and my bed. We all love to snuggle and so started joking that we are a sandwich. John is usually the bread, Charlotte the cheese, I am the meat, and Lucas the other slice of bread. This represents how each person is placed on the bed in relation to the fixings of a sandwich. (I never said we weren't odd.)

So the other day it was just Charlotte, Lucas and me and I was the meat and they were each the bread slices. We were talking about the baby and I announced that the baby would be the new cheese and Daddy could be the side of french fries. To this Luke says "And then you need to have another baby mom, because we need sauce on our  burger!" Freaking hysterical.