April 26, 2011

Spring Break AZ style part dos

On Sunday we went to Uncle Sam and Aunt Jyll's house. It was an idyllic afternoon.
This was one of our favorite trips to AZ.
Each day with visited with a different brother/sister and had such a blast.
We love you AZ Babbitts!!

Rolling in a pipe....nice

Ice cream in a swing.
I love how you just took off and we didn't really hear from you for about 3 hours Lucas. Way to be social!

John and his sister Angie (and our Wills) This is John's "smolder" muhahaha

Love this pic

John attempts to run on this pipe with his nieces and nephews. He ATE it shortly before this.

Wills with the ladies. Cousin ladies that is

Wills cousins Trevor and Isabel

Yes. Wills is bigger. And 8 months younger. haha

April 25, 2011

Spring Break part uno

Dear children,
We had such an amazing vacation at Chateau Jen (aka Aunt Jen). She made us our favorite coffee drinks, cooked for us, chaffered us, acted as tour guide, took us to an amazing candy store and boutique and was in general her usual amazing hostess self. 

This series of pics was from my fav children's museum
Something about the orange on orange just got me.
And the hunk of burning love sitting on it.

Here the kids are racing PVC pipe & skateboard wheel cars down a track.
Everything about this museum is made from recycled goods - or so is their goal.

Aunt Jen, cousin Carter, and an epileptic looking ?? husband of mine

Cousin Ava playing the wrench xylophone

Our cousins playing in the "car wash" 
Amazing how this museum entertained 4-13 year olds

Ellie - how I love your eyes. And you. 

Check out the CDs hanging in the background. It was about 3 stories high and so so pretty

 This wall was covered in plastic pipes with suction running through it. 
You placed a scarf inside and it would climb the wall and shoot it out in one of the many openings. The children could have stayed here for hours.

Jen wanted pictorial proof that you had a good time Carter. Muuuhahaha. We caught you.

Thank you Babbitt children for giving up your rooms, time, toys, and space for us. We love you guys.

Aunt Jen, you are as John would say "the rockinest bomb."