July 16, 2014

Savannah's 2nd Birthday - Prep & School Party

The picture that started it all.......I had to make this!

prep for the cake. This only took 7 hours. :)

seeing her cake in progress was SO exciting

Making glitter playdoh for school party!

Thank god for my sister's help.

The big girls too!

The goodie bags were pretty cute. :) It was a bubble theme

at pic from school!

The pack of stuff I sent to school for her party there :) 

birthday crown & school cake

Jeniffer's Surprise Visit to town

You guys were TOTALLY shocked to see your Nana at the airport. I made up some wild tale about picking up a new inspector for our company. HAHAHAHA! I love surprises like this! Nana couldn't miss Savannah's bday.

Savannah's 2nd Bday Home party

One day I will go back and caption all these great photos......or not. <3 nbsp="" p="">
fielding bday phone calls

being ridiculously cute.

The cake that only took 20 hours with Auntie's help. LOL

Having fun doing bubbles.

My high school buddies and their babies

you and your friend Lilly

"bebe aria"

My high school friend Cristy!

LOTS of prezzies!

The dress and purse from Luca

play food from Owen and Lilly

Horse from Aunt Norma and Uncle Jerrol

Blanket and Pillow from Nana!

Baby doll from Grammy